PokerNews Cup Kulata High Roller Final Table Preview

Sarah Herring gives some details on the final six players at the PokerNews Cup Kulata.

The five stacks are between 1.3 and 2.1 million which means that it is really hard to make a prediction about who is going to win it. The only player who is in a very difficult spot is Dimitrios Dimitros who advanced to Day 3 with just 6 big blinds. But we've heard and witnessed many "a chip and a chair" stories in the past.

All players have their eyes in the first place prize of €28,100, and each of them is guaranteed €4,410. Marios Tzakos will start as the chip leader with 85 big blinds, a massive stack he acquired after a huge pot he played with Dimitros near the end of Day 2.

1 Polykarpos Stryvakis Greece 1,268,000 51
2 Dimitrios Dimitros Greece 154,000 6
3 Marios Tzakos Greece 2,126,000 85
4 Marcel Galustov Bulgaria 1,973,000 79
5 Dimitrios Michailidis Greece 1,986,000 79
6 Loukas Kioutsoukis Greece 1,394,000 56

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