Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Mattern Movin' On Up

Andy Moseley raised to 51,000 to open the pot, and Arnaud Mattern three-bet from the big blind. It looked like 142,000, but Moseley still wanted to play for more. He four-bet to 284,000, but that drew an all-in shove from Mattern very quickly. Even more quickly, Moseley's cards hit the muck, and Mattern moved himself just over a million chips in the process.

Two hands later, though, Mattern gave a chunk back. It was Thibaud Guegenou opening with the raise, and Mattern three-bet to 122,000. Now Guegenou shoved, and Mattern was the one doing the insta-mucking. He's back down around 900,000, still doing pretty good work here today considering where he stared.

Arnaud Mattern fr
Arnaud Mattern
fr 900,000 87,000

Oznake: Arnaud MatternThibaud GuenegouAndy Moseley

Amir Lehavot Eliminated in 15th Place (€43,000)

Amir Lehavot says au revoir!
Amir Lehavot says au revoir!

Andy Moseley has just eliminated Amir Lehavot and taken a bite out of the stack of Brian Roberts in dramatic fashion.

Intrepid reporter EricRamsey gave you the news of the hand that crippled Lehavot earlier. This left him with around 105,000 in chips prior to this hand. Roberts raised to 50,000 in the cut-off and Moseley moved all-in from the button. Lehavot was in the blinds and he moved his last 105,000 into the middle and Roberts also called giving us a three-way showdown.


Moseley{A-Clubs} {J-Spades}
Roberts{Q-} {Q-}
Lehavot{5-} {5-}

It seemed Roberts was going to eliminate both players, until the flop came down.

Flop: {A-Hearts} {K-Diamonds} {8-Hearts}

Moseley takes the lead.

Turn: {10-Hearts}

Still Moseley.

River: {Q-Hearts}

For a moment everyone thought Roberts had taken it until they realised Moseley had nailed a straight and triples up.

Brian Roberts us
Brian Roberts
us 2,075,000 -250,000
Andy Moseley
Andy Moseley
652,000 400,000
Amir Lehavot il
Amir Lehavot
il Izpadel

Oznake: Amir LehavotAndy MoseleyBrian Roberts

Lehavot Rivered, Crippled

Amir Lehavot and Moritz Kranich each got a million chips into the pot preflop, and it was the classic queens-versus-ace-king race. It was Lehavot in the lead with {Q-Spades} {Q-Hearts}, and Kranich was trying to get there with {A-Diamonds} {K-Hearts}. He was all in for 938,000 after the initial raises were pulled in, and Lehavot had him covered by just 117,000.

The {5-Clubs} {8-Hearts} {7-Hearts} flop was a swing and a miss for Kranich, as was the {10-Clubs} turn. He caught lightning in a bottle on the river, though, as the dealer gave him the {K-Spades} for the double. He appears to be up over 2 million.

It's a crushing blow to Lehavot. He didn't say a word, but you could see the disappointment in his whole body. He lowered his head and tried to shake it off, staring longingly at the few chips he has left.

Moritz Kranich de
Moritz Kranich
de 2,050,000 1,108,000
Amir Lehavot il
Amir Lehavot
il 117,000 -1,082,000

Oznake: Amir LehavotMoritz Kranich

Huge Pot For Cody

Jake Cody - Finds a nice juicy double up
Jake Cody - Finds a nice juicy double up

Max Silver raised under the gun and Chris Moorman three-bet to 134,000 on the button. Patrik Antonius folded the small blind before Jake Cody moved all-in for 728,000 in the big blind. Silver got out of the way and the decision was on Moorman who tanked for a while before calling, and he was in a bit of a pickle.


Cody{A-Hearts} {Q-Clubs}
Moorman{A-Spades} {J-Diamonds}

Board: {K-Diamonds} {9-Clubs} {3-Spades} {3-Hearts} {2-Clubs}

Double up time for Cody!

Chris Moorman gb
Chris Moorman
gb 1,887,000 -728,000
Jake Cody gb
Jake Cody
gb 1,646,000 836,000

Oznake: Chris MoormanJake Cody

Michael Drummond Eliminated in 16th Place (€43,000)

Michael Drummond (right) - 16th place
Michael Drummond (right) - 16th place

Michael Drummond opened to 50,000 from the hijack, Brian Roberts called from the cutoff, and Amir Lehavot called the remainder from the big blind to go three ways to the flop.

It came {7-Clubs} {Q-Hearts} {K-Spades}, and Drummond continued out with 68,000. Roberts called, Lehavot ducked out of the way, and it was heads up to the {7-Spades} turn. Drummond wasn't slowing down, and he bet 127,000 there, leaving 295,000 behind. Roberts called again, and the rest of Drummond's chips went all in on the {2-Clubs} river.

As the cameras panned over to the outer table, Roberts made the call and flashed his hand: {K-Diamonds} {Q-Diamonds}. There was still no announcer, so Drummond was forced to stand behind his chair with his inferior hole cards laying face-down in front of him. It was a minute or more of agony for Roberts, and the dealer was finally made to flip his {6-Hearts} {6-Diamonds} over. Sevens up are no match for kings and queens, and Drummond has bowed out in 16th place.

He'll take a pay bump up to €43,000 for his work this week.

Roberts has really closed the gap on the leader, moving up into second place and within striking distance of Max Silver.

Brian Roberts us
Brian Roberts
us 2,325,000 633,000
Michael Drummond us
Michael Drummond
us Izpadel

Oznake: Brian RobertsMichael Drummond

Silver Cannot Fool Moorman

Chris Moorman raised to 53,000 and Max Silver called in position. The flop was {10-Clubs} {9-Hearts} {8-Clubs} and Moorman check-called a 72,000 Silver bet. The turn was the {K-Spades} and once again Moorman check-called and it was for 156,000. The river was the {4-Diamonds} and we had the same performance with a 224,000 check-call. When the hands were turned over Silver was the man trying to turn his hand into a bluff.


Moorman{K-Hearts} {J-Diamonds}
Silver{7-} {7-}
Chris Moorman gb
Chris Moorman
gb 2,615,000 516,000
Max Silver gb
Max Silver
gb 2,464,000 -452,000

Oznake: Chris MoormanMax Silver

M & M

In the first hand after the break Andy Moseley moved all-in and he received no takers. A few hands later and it was Arnaud Mattern who raised to 50,000 in mid-position and Moselet called in the big blind. The flop was {9-Spades} {4-Hearts} {2-Clubs} and both players checked. The turn was the {6-Hearts} and Moseley check-called a 55,000 Mattern bet. The final card was the {A-Clubs} and Mattern won the pot with a 125,000 bet.

Arnaud Mattern fr
Arnaud Mattern
fr 813,000 149,000
Andy Moseley
Andy Moseley
252,000 -110,000

Oznake: Arnaud MatternAndy Moseley

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