Event #58: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Veerachai Vongxaiburana Elimianated In 16th Place ($10,222)

• Nivo 25: 30,000-60,000, 60,000 ante
Veerachai Vongxaiburana

Action was picked up with stacks all-in, cards on their backs, and Veerachai Vongxaiburana all-in for his remaining 190,000 against Richard Crooks.

Veerachai Vongxaiburana: {2-}{3-}{4-}{7-}
Richard Crooks: {a-}{k-}{k-}{2-}

The board ran out {a-}{9-}{3-}{6-}{8-} and the aces with a king kicker took down the whole pot as Vongxaiburana did not have a low and he exited the tournament in 16th place.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Richard Crooks us
Richard Crooks
us 4,350,000 350,000
Veerachai Vongxaiburana us
Veerachai Vongxaiburana
us Izpadel

Oznake: Richard CrooksVeerachai Vongxaiburana