Event #48: $1,500 Eight Game Mix 6-Handed

Robert Wells Eliminated in 11th Place ($11,387)

• Nivo 27: 50,000-100,000, 0 ante
Robert Wells

Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Robert Wells raised and called a three-bet from Menikos Panagiotou to the {q-}{6-}{4-} flop. Wells continued and was called to the {3-} turn, with the action repeating to the {6-} river.

Wells moved all in and was called by Panagiotou, who turned over {a-}{k-}{5-}{2-} for a straight and a wheel for the low. Wells flashed {a-}{7-}{6-} for trips and an inferior low, eliminating him in 11th place.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Menikos Panagiotou cy
Menikos Panagiotou
cy 2,380,000 430,000
Robert Wells gb
Robert Wells
gb Izpadel

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