Event #16: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Flush over Flush for Miscikowski

[user341276] • Nivo 32: 125,000-250,000, 250,000 ante
David Miscikowski

The board read {5-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}{j-Diamonds} with around 2,000,000 in the middle already.

Stefan Lehner checked his big blind and David Miscikowski fired a bet of 1,100,000 out. Lehner thought about it and then called.

The river completed the board with the {2-Hearts} and they both checked. Lehner had to show first and tabled the {q-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} for the flush but Miscikowski held the {a-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds} for the higher flush and the pot and the bigger chip lead.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
David Miscikowski us
David Miscikowski
us 11,850,000 3,700,000
Stefan Lehner at
Stefan Lehner
at 4,225,000 -2,650,000

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