Event #80: $3,000 6-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha

Steven Forman Eliminated in 11th Place ($16,760)

jeffmcmillan • Nivo 21: 10,000-25,000, 0 ante
Steven Forman

Action was picked up on the flop as it read {6-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{k-Spades}. Steven Forman found himself all in after a series of raises. He had a set of jacks and a flush draw with the {j-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{6-Spades}{3-Spades}. He was behind the set of kings of Raphael Schreiner who had the {k-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{5-Spades}{4-Diamonds}.

The turn was the {7-Hearts} and the river came the {q-Diamonds} to miss the flush draw and keep the set of kings as the best hand and just like that Forman was eliminated.

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Raphael Schreiner at
Raphael Schreiner
at 3,180,000 1,380,000
Steven Forman us
Steven Forman
us Izpadel

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