Event #71: BIG 50, $1M GTD

Feng Takes Small One

[user207516] • Nivo 39: 700,000-1,400,000, 175,000 ante

Ronald "CorVanHout" Haverkamp raised the button and Huahuan "F7588" Feng defended the big blind. They both checked the {9-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{k-Hearts} flop, and Haverkamp called 2,483,250 on the {3-Spades} turn. They checked again on the {8-Hearts} river, and Feng took it down with the better nine.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Huahuan "F7588" Feng
Huahuan "F7588" Feng
79,493,280 3,983,250
Ronald "CorVanHout" Haverkamp nl
Ronald "CorVanHout" Haverkamp
nl 40,293,901 -4,183,250
Max "TheChosen1" Veyga AR
Max "TheChosen1" Veyga
AR 35,176,380 1,300,000
Xue qiao "whattfboys" Zhao CN
Xue qiao "whattfboys" Zhao
CN 27,436,164 6,675,000
Daniel "Vanessa23" Montagnolli AT
Daniel "Vanessa23" Montagnolli
AT 14,566,702 -825,000
Di "LuXDi" Lu CN
Di "LuXDi" Lu
CN 14,241,333 -4,325,000
Xiong "wwwyoujizz" Huang CN
Xiong "wwwyoujizz" Huang
CN 10,518,966 -2,625,000