Event #63: $500 Mini Main Event, $5M GTD

Royal "BlackPapayaa" Pek Eliminated in 8th Place ($60,662)

[user207516] • Nivo 37: 1,750,000-3,500,000, 450,000 ante
Saugspier vs Pek

Royal "BlackPapayaa" Pek shoved under the gun, and Daniel "GiveUp1905" Saugspier raised to isolate from the small blind.

Daniel "GiveUp1905" Saugspier: {q-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}
Royal "BlackPapayaa" Pek: {k-Hearts}{8-Hearts}

Board: {a-Clubs}{3-Spades}{10-Spades}{a-Hearts}{9-Clubs}

The queens held again for Saugspier, and Pek was forced to the sidelines in 8th for $60,662.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Ivan "zufo16" Zufic HR
Ivan "zufo16" Zufic
HR 183,452,794 1,350,000
Daniel "GiveUp1905" Saugspier DE
Daniel "GiveUp1905" Saugspier
DE 179,293,172 21,347,776
Daniel "BaccaratKing" Neilson au
Daniel "BaccaratKing" Neilson
au 140,697,212 -5,750,000
Suraj "M26GreenWood" Mishra IN
Suraj "M26GreenWood" Mishra
IN 129,884,189 -2,250,000
Derek "XrayEyes" Miller GB
Derek "XrayEyes" Miller
GB 56,116,102 4,850,000
Oleksii "Cold_play" Kravchuk ua
Oleksii "Cold_play" Kravchuk
ua 48,459,111 1,350,000
Troy "iLOVEfantaxo" Mclean AU
Troy "iLOVEfantaxo" Mclean
AU 20,678,668 -7,500,020
Royal "BlackPapayaa" Pek SG
Royal "BlackPapayaa" Pek
SG Izpadel