Event #16: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed
Event #16: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed
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Twenty-One Eye Bracelet in Event 16: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

• Nivo 24: 15,000-30,000, 30,000 ante
Romain Nussmann
Romain Nussmann

Day 2 of Event #16: $1,500 No Limit Hold-em 6-Handed is officially history after 10 one-hour levels of play concluded with 21 players remaining from the 289 who returned at the start of the day.

The day started quickly, with a fast-approaching bubble at 275 players reached after only around 30 minutes of play. The pace did not slow down as eliminations piled up throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Players such as Adrian Mateos, Johan “YoH ViraL” Guilbert, Dmitry Yurasov, David Benyamine, and Jeff Madsen all had above average stacks at some point in the day before ultimately being eliminated in the money.

When the dust settled, France’s Romain Nussmann found himself with the chip lead, bagging a massive 8,095,000. Nussmann started the day well below average, with 69,000 and only 17 big blinds in his stack. Midway through the night, he began his ascent when he got pocket aces in preflop versus the pocket jacks of Adrian Mateos. He held and found himself around the two-million mark. Nussmann was seen during the last level of the night at around 3,500,000 and knocked several players out before finishing the day at over eight million.

Another player to finish Day 2 with a huge stack is Singapore’s Ong Dingxiang, who finished the day with 7,080,000. Dingxiang was also seen steadily accumulating his stack across numerous tables throughout the day. Rounding out the top five in chips is Pierce Mckellar, (4,990,000), Kai McCue-Unciano, (2,760,000), and Nicolas Careme, 2,400,000. Other notable players to make Day 3 include Isaac Baron, (2,050,000), Stephen Graner, (2,045,000), and Day 1 chip leader Richard Hasnip, (1,615,000).

Day 3 will resume Friday at 2 p.m. local time with play resuming at the beginning of Level 25. Blinds will be 20,000/40,000 with a 40,000 big blind ante, and the remaining 21 players are scheduled to play until a champion is crowned. The PokerNews team will be on the floor covering all the excitement, so be sure to come back for all the action as it unfolds.

Oznake: Adrian MateosDavid BenyamineDmitry YurasovIsaac BaronJeff MadsenJohan GuilbertNicolas CaremeOng DingxiangPierce MckellarRichard HasnipRomain NussmannStephen Graner

End-of-Day 3 Chip Counts and Seat Draw (v celoti)

AnthonyThompson • Nivo 24: 15,000-30,000, 30,000 ante
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Amazon5131Ronni BorgDenmark625,00016
Amazon5132Isaac BaronUnited States2,050,00051
Amazon5133Cameron MarshallUnited States1,605,00040
Amazon5134Ryan BrownUnited States1,050,00026
Amazon5135Vadim ShlezUkraine1,730,00043
Amazon5136James HughesUnited States1,250,00031
Amazon5141Dane TallenUnited States1,150,00029
Amazon5142Nicolas CaremeFrance2,400,00060
Amazon5143Romain NussmannFrance8,095,000202
Amazon5145Marc RobinsonUnited States1,505,00038
Amazon5146Michael GaglianoUnited States900,00023
Amazon5151Pierce MckellarUnited States4,990,000125
Amazon5152Nicholas DolenUnited States1,020,00026
Amazon5153Linglin ZengChina995,00025
Amazon5155Hans Joachim HeinGermany370,0009
Amazon5156Thomas FullerUnited States410,00010
Amazon5161Ong DingxiangSingapore7,080,000177
Amazon5162Stephen GranerUnited States2,045,00051
Amazon5163Richard HasnipUnited Kingdom1,615,00040
Amazon5164Kainalu Mccue-UncianoUnited States2,760,00069
Amazon5165Henry LuUnited States2,175,00054
Romain Nussmann fr
Romain Nussmann
fr 8,095,000 6,095,000
Ong Dingxiang sg
Ong Dingxiang
sg 7,080,000 4,230,000
Pierce Mckellar us
Pierce Mckellar
us 4,990,000 1,140,000
Kai McCue-Unciano US
Kai McCue-Unciano
US 2,760,000 360,000
Nicolas Careme fr
Nicolas Careme
fr 2,400,000 -450,000
Henry Lu us
Henry Lu
us 2,175,000 -875,000
Isaac Baron us
Isaac Baron
us 2,050,000 1,100,000
Stephen Graner us
Stephen Graner
us 2,045,000 2,045,000
Vadim Shlez ua
Vadim Shlez
ua 1,730,000 530,000
Richard Hasnip gb
Richard Hasnip
gb 1,615,000 -1,235,000
Cameron Marshall us
Cameron Marshall
us 1,605,000 605,000
Marc Robinson us
Marc Robinson
us 1,505,000 -25,000
James Hughes us
James Hughes
us 1,250,000 50,000
Dane Tallen GB
Dane Tallen
GB 1,150,000 -650,000
Nicholas Dolen US
Nicholas Dolen
US 1,020,000 -930,000
Linglin Zeng cn
Linglin Zeng
cn 995,000 410,000
Michael Gagliano us
Michael Gagliano
us 900,000 -280,000
Ronni Borg dk
Ronni Borg
dk 625,000 625,000
Hans Joachim Hein de
Hans Joachim Hein
de 370,000 370,000

Preberi vse

Three More Hands

• Nivo 24: 15,000-30,000, 30,000 ante

The tournament director has just announced that each table will play three more hands before play will conclude and the remaining players will bag their chips for the night.

Cowboys Good for Hughes

AnthonyThompson • Nivo 24: 15,000-30,000, 30,000 ante

Action folded around to Benjamin Primus who moved all in from the small blind. He was called by James Hughes in the big blind for less.

Primus: {a-}{q-}
Hughes: {k-Clubs}{k-Spades}

Hughes was at risk of elimination but flopped a set after a {9-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{k-Hearts} flop.

The turn and river came the {5-Hearts}{a-Clubs} and Hughes got a much needed double up right before the end of play.

Benjamin Primus us
Benjamin Primus
us 1,750,000 -650,000
James Hughes us
James Hughes
us 1,200,000 1,200,000

Oznake: James HughesBenjamin Primus

No Flop, No Problem for McCue-Unciano

AnthonyThompson • Nivo 24: 15,000-30,000, 30,000 ante
Kai McCue-Unciano
Kai McCue-Unciano

Action folded to Benjamin Primus on the button who raised to 70,000, the small blind player folded and Kai McCue-Unciano raised to 280,000 from the big blind. The action was back on Primus who three-bet to 480,000. McCue-Unciano moved all in for 1,500,000 and Primus mucked his hand.

Kai McCue-Unciano US
Kai McCue-Unciano
US 2,400,000 600,000
Benjamin Primus us
Benjamin Primus
us 2,400,000 -900,000

Oznake: Benjamin PrimusKai McCue-Unciano

Ladies Hold for Careme

AnthonyThompson • Nivo 24: 15,000-30,000, 30,000 ante
Nicolas Careme
Nicolas Careme

Action folded to Nicolas Careme in the small blind who raised to 90,000. Cameron Marshall called from the big blind.

Both players checked the {6-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}{k-Diamonds} flop.

Careme bet 65,000 on the {9-Hearts} turn and Marshall called.

Careme lead with a 105,00 bet after the {10-Diamonds} came on the river and Marshall rised to 325,00, Careme called.

Careme showed the winning hand with {q-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} and raked in a good sized pot.

Nicolas Careme fr
Nicolas Careme
fr 2,850,000 700,000
Cameron Marshall us
Cameron Marshall
us 1,000,000 -650,000

Oznake: Nicolas CaremeCameron Marshall

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