Event #55: The $50,000 Poker Players' Championship

Don Nguyen Eliminated in 2nd Place ($1,096,254)

Chad_Holloway • Nivo 26
Don Nguyen - 2nd Place

Limit Hold'em

Matthew Ashton took a big chip lead into heads-up play and did something he failed to do at three other final tables this summer—win a gold bracelet. Meanwhile, Nguyen was left with his second runner-up finish of the summer.

Hand #264: Ashton raised the button and Nguyen defended from the big blind. Nguyen then checked the {10-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds} flop and Ashton bet. Nguyen woke up with a check-raise, Ashton called and the dealer burned and turned the {9-Spades}. Nguyen bet, Ashton called and the {Q-Diamonds} completed the board on the river.

Nguyen bet a second time and then called off when Ashton raised. Nguyen flipped over the {10-Spades}{6-Clubs} but it was no good as Ashton tabled the {k-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}. Both players had a pair of tens but Ashton's kicked sealed the victory.

Nguyen slowly stood from the table, shook hands with Ashton and then took his leave in second place.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Matthew Ashton gb
Matthew Ashton
gb 19,800,000 1,700,000
Don Nguyen us
Don Nguyen
us Izpadel

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