Event #34: $1,000 Turbo No-Limit Hold'em

Benjamin Reason Eliminated in 2nd Place ($172,252)

• Nivo 26: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante
Benjamin Reason

Hand #164
Benjamin Reason opted to fold from the button, relinquishing the pot to Michael Gathy.

Hand #165
Michael Gathy then opened to 80,000 from the button, and won the pot after a quick fold.

Hand #166
In the final hand of the night, Benjamin Reason opened to 80,000 from the button, before facing a raise to 180,000 from Michael Gathy. He looked down at his stack, before announcing all in for 905,000. Gathy took a minute to decide, carefully contemplating his decision, before making the call.

Gathy: {A-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}
Reason: {K-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}

Gathy extended his lead on the flop of {9-Clubs}{8-Spades}{3-Diamonds}, and sealed the title, when the {9-Spades} fell on the turn. The meaningless {A-Spades} completed the board, as Reason shook his opponent’s hand, finishing so close to a maiden bracelet.

Oznake: Benjamin ReasonMichael Gathy