WSOP National Championship

Mark Bonsack Eliminated in 12th Place ($31,855)

Mark Bonsack

Mark Bonsack raised from the hijack only to have Ryan Eriquezzo move all in for around 200,000 from the small blind. Bonsack barely had him covered and made the call.

Bonsack: {A-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}
Eriquezzo: {K-Clubs}{J-Hearts}

Bonsack was in great shape and a favorite to eliminate Eriquezzo while essentially doubling his own stack. Unfortunately for him, all that hope and excitement came crashing down on the {J-Spades}{Q-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} flop when Eriquezzo hit his jack. Bonsack still had outs to either a king or ten, but it wasn't in the cards as the {7-Diamonds} appeared on the turn followed by the {4-Clubs} on the river.

Bonsack was left with just 3,000 after the hand, which disappeared the very next hand to Yung Hwang. Bonsack finished in 12th place and earned $31,855 for his efforts here in the 2012 National Championship.

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Mark Bonsack
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