Event 60: $10,000 2-7 Draw Lowball (No-Limit)

Bye-Bye, Bleznick

Mike Wattel opened to 4,000 and Jared Bleznick re-raised all in for 22,600 total. Wattel called and stood pat on the draw while Bleznick took one.

Wattel showed {9-}{7-}{6-}{3-}{2-} for a ninety-seven.

Bleznick, on the other hand, was drawing to a ninety-six with {9-}{6-}{5-}{4-}. Unfortunately for Bleznick, he pulled a {10-} and was sent to the rail.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Mike Wattel us
Mike Wattel
us 164,000 67,300
Jared Bleznick us
Jared Bleznick
us Izpadel

Oznake: Jared BleznickMike Wattel