Event 55: $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop

Shove from Rast and the First Flop

[user68268] • Nivo 18: 150,000-300,000, 50,000 ante

Hand #2: There was a dead button on this hand. Action folded to Guy Laliberté and he raised to 850,000. From the next seat, Brian Rast reraised all in. He was all in for 11.25 million total. Action folded back to Laliberté and he took only a few seconds before folding his hand. Rast won the pot.

Hand #3: Bobby Baldwin started this hand with the button. Action folded to Sam Trickett in the small blind and he raised to 750,000. Richard Yong called from the big blind and the flop came down {J-Spades}{10-Clubs}{7-Hearts}.

On the flop, Trickett checked and Yong bet 400,000. Trickett made the call to see the {4-Diamonds} land on the turn. Trickett and Yong both checked and the {10-Diamonds} completed the board on the river. Trickett checked and Yong tossed out an even one million. Trickett took a minute or so and then folded his hand.

Oznake: Sam TrickettBobby BaldwinBrian RastGuy Laliberté