Event 50: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em

"I'm Still Trying to Play Good Despite Being Richer than Ever"

Neil Channing (pictured from another event but still has piles of chips)

We found Neil Channing and James Dempsey laughing hard and carrying on. Channing had a big smile and twice the starting stack in front of him.

"We had a gentleman here (pointing to a seat card) that wanted to raise me on a {5-} {5-} {9-} flop," Channing said. "I had {5-} {5-}, led out and the gentleman put in a small raise."

"Then this guy (John Dolan) flatted and I just thought I should call," Channing continued.

The turn came {Q-}, Channing checked, the other player bet and Dolan called with a straight flush draw. Channing flatted and the river came {7-}.

"Then I checked, the gentleman bet 4,200, (Dolan) folded and I shoved," Channing continued.

"I thought you had it," the gentleman said after he tabled {Q-} {Q-} for queens full.

"I'm still trying to play good despite being richer than ever," Channing said.

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Neil Channing gb
Neil Channing
gb 30,000 15,000

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