Event 5: $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em

Aguiar Gets Value From Pellegrino


Nick Jivkov folded from the button and Bryan Pellegrino called from the small blind. Jonathan Aguiar checked his option and the two would see a flop.

Both players checked the {6-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{A-Hearts} flop. When a {10-Spades} fell on the turn, Pellegrino checked, prompting a 45,000 bet from Aguiar. Pellegrino called.

The river came the {7-Diamonds} and Pellegrino checked a final time. Aguiar cut out a bet of 110,000 and placed it in middle. Pellegrino didn't take long to call and Aguiar turned up the {J-Clubs}{7-Clubs} for two-pair. Pellegrino mucked without showing.

Pellegrino is down to his last 250,000. Aguiar is sitting on 750,000.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Jonathan Aguiar pt
Jonathan Aguiar
pt 750,000 110,000
Bryan Pellegrino it
Bryan Pellegrino
it 250,000 -190,000

Oznake: Bryan PellegrinoJonathan Aguiar