Event 4: $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Low 8-or-Better

Event Info

Prijavnina $1,500
Nagradni sklad $839,700
Players 622

Informacije o trenutnem nivoju

Nivo 29
Stave 60,000 / 120,000
Ante 15,000

Movin' On Up

• Nivo 22: 12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante
Have a picture of Xuan Liu while you wait
Have a picture of Xuan Liu while you wait

The chips have been racked up, and our players are on the move. We're headed over the the adjacent Pavilion room where the secondary featured table awaits!

Event #4's final table will commence in just a few minutes.

Marsha Waggoner Eliminated in 9th Place ($12,822)

Marsha Waggoner - 10th place
Marsha Waggoner - 10th place

Well, we have just two ladies left. Aussie Marsha Waggoner has just been eliminated at the hands of Yarron Bendor.

Bendor: (x-x) / {5-Hearts} {4-Clubs} {K-Spades} {7-Diamonds} / (x)
Waggoner: (x-x) / {2-Hearts} {4-Hearts} {9-Hearts} {K-Diamonds} / (x)

When Bendor bet fifth street, Waggoner raised. Bendor raised again, and the call put the lady all in. She was in trouble, as Bendor had started the hand rolled up.

Bendor: {5-Diamonds} {5-Spades} / {5-Hearts} {4-Clubs} {K-Spades} {7-Diamonds} / (x)
Waggoner: {A-Hearts} {2-Clubs} / {2-Hearts} {4-Hearts} {9-Hearts} {K-Diamonds} / (x)

Bendor didn't fill up with his river {6-Diamonds}, so Waggoner was drawing live to the heart flush. It was her only shot at staying alive, but the river was the wrong shade of red. The {9-Diamonds} was no use, and she's been eliminated on the final table bubble.

Marsha Waggoner us
Marsha Waggoner
us Izpadel

Oznake: Marsha Waggoner

Unofficial Final Table

Chad_Holloway • Nivo 22: 12,000-24,000, 3,000 ante

The Unofficial Final Table

1Yarron Bendor260,000
2Marsha Waggoner100,000
3Chris Bjorin305,000
4Todd Brunson95,000
5Xuan Liu210,000
6Brandon Shack-Harris430,000
7Michael Mizrachi425,000
8Bonnie Rossi270,000
9Cory Zeidman745,000

Chris Tryba Eliminated in 10th Place ($12,822)

Chris Tryba
Chris Tryba

After doubling Marsha Waggoner, Chris Tryba was left with a stack of approximately 60k. He ended up having the bring in and made it the full 12,000, which Brandon Shack-Harris ended up raising. Tryba fired back and eventually all of his chips got in before the turn.

Tryba: {6-Spades}{3-Clubs} | {4-Spades}{10-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} / (X)
Shack-Harris: {9-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} / {J-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} / {2-Diamonds}

Shack-Harris ended up making a flush on sixth street which meant Tryba needed either a six or four on seventh to stay alive. He squeezed it out, but it was not meant to be as he flung it to the muck.

Chris Tryba us
Chris Tryba
us Izpadel

Oznake: Brandon Shack-HarrisChris Tryba

Sanjay Pandya Eliminated in 11th Place ($10,051)

We picked up Sanjay Pandya's final hand on fourth street as Yarron Bendor check-folded. That left Pandya and Chris Bjorin heads-up.

Pandya: (x-x) / {3-Diamonds} {6-Clubs} {9-Clubs} {A-Hearts} / (x)
Bjorin: (x-x) / {5-Clubs} {2-Spades} {Q-Hearts} {7-Clubs} / (x)

Bjorin bet fourth and fifth streets, and Pandya put his last 5,000 into the pot on sixth, revealing {J-Diamonds} {2-Diamonds} from his down cards. He had a low draw, and Bjorin's river {4-Spades} didn't change that. Pandya was trailing, and he needed to catch a card to stay alive.

He couldn't. His last card was a blank {8-Hearts}, and that's no good. Bjorin takes the low with the seventy-five and his ace-queen high was good enough to give him the scoop. Pandya is out in 11th place, good for more than $10,000.

Sanjay Pandya
Sanjay Pandya

Oznake: Chris BjorinSanjay Pandya


Zeidman Charging Hard

It looks like Cory Zeidman has won a few pots while we were back here writing. He's in control of this thing with more than 20% of the chips in play. Sanjay Pandya seems to have dropped a chunk of chips to Bonnie Rossi, as well.

Cory Zeidman us
Cory Zeidman
us 585,000 125,000
Yarron Bendor us
Yarron Bendor
us 360,000 -20,000
Brandon Shack-Harris us
Brandon Shack-Harris
us 350,000 30,000
Bonnie Rossi
Bonnie Rossi
285,000 110,000
Chris Bjorin se
Chris Bjorin
se 240,000 110,000
Michael Mizrachi us
Michael Mizrachi
us 220,000 -35,000
Chris Tryba us
Chris Tryba
us 190,000 -30,000
Sanjay Pandya
Sanjay Pandya
190,000 -195,000
Xuan Liu ca
Xuan Liu
ca 185,000 -45,000
Marsha Waggoner us
Marsha Waggoner
us 115,000 -20,000
Todd Brunson us
Todd Brunson
us 50,000 -5,000

Brunson Crippled


With about 90,000 in the pot, Yarron Bendor led out on fifth street and was immediately raised by Todd Brunson. Chris Bjorin got out of the way, Bendor insta-raised and Brunson made the call. The latter proceeded to check-call bets on both sixth and seventh, only to shake his head when he discovered Bendor's trips.

Bendor: {10-Spades}{10-Clubs} / {K-Clubs}{5-Clubs}{10-Hearts}{3-Spades} / (X)
Brunson: {K-Spades}(X) / {K-Hearts}{8-Spades}{7-Hearts}{A-Diamonds} / (X)

Yarron Bendor us
Yarron Bendor
us 380,000 155,000
Todd Brunson us
Todd Brunson
us 55,000 -140,000

Oznake: Todd BrunsonYarron Bendor

John Monnette Eliminated in 12th Place ($10,051)

John Monnette - 12th place
John Monnette - 12th place

John Monnette is one unhappy camper right now. The dealer who was responsible for the blowup earlier just pushed back into the table, and Monnette was once again pretty upset. He and Chris Tryba asked the floor why the dealer was coming back, but the floor was having none of it.

"He did nothing wrong," the floor stood firm. "I just checked the tapes and saw the whole thing. He did nothing wrong."

We walked to the other table to count chips for just 45 seconds or so, and during that time, Monnette was eliminated by Xuan Liu. He's out in 12th place, and the pay bump up over $10,000 will likely be little consolation.

John Monnette us
John Monnette
us Izpadel

Oznake: John MonnetteXuan Liu