Event 26: $3,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Thomas Pettersson Eliminated in 9th Place ($26,966)

Thomas Pettersson - 9th Place

After Austin Scott raised from middle position to 34,000, action folded to Thomas Pettersson in the big blind and he reraised to 110,000. Scott reraised to put him all in and Pettersson called for a total of 201,000.

Pettersson: {A-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}{K-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}
Scott: {A-Hearts}{K-Spades}{Q-Spades}{Q-Hearts}

The flop, turn and river ran out {J-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{4-Spades}{2-Hearts}{8-Clubs} and Scott made the nut flush to send Pettersson out the door in ninth place. For his finish, which was his first-ever World Series of Poker cash, Pettersson took home $26,966.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Austin Scott us
Austin Scott
us 1,310,000 345,000
Thomas Pettersson se
Thomas Pettersson
se Izpadel

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