Event #8: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em

"Spice Girl's" Set Over Set Scoops the Pot

• Nivo 2: 25-50, 0 ante

We caught the action with a board reading {6-}{5-}{7-}{2-}{A-} two players all-in. Meg McCormick, who informed me that her name was indeed spelled just like the spice company, flipped up her {6-Hearts}{6-Spades} for a flopped set.

This was enough to dispatch her opponent, who had turned a lower set with {2-}{2-} and found himself on the wrong end of this set-over-set confrontation.

McCormick now sits with just over 7,400 chips and is in a strong position at her table.

Oznake: Meg McCormick

Registration Numbers

• Nivo 2: 25-50, 0 ante

Halfway through level two total registration has reached 4,099 players. That means nearly 2,000 players are in the field today and we're nearing last years total of 4,345.

Registration will remain open until the end of the 4th level so there is still plenty of time for more players to join in the fun!

A Straight is Great for Bardah

• Nivo 1: 25-25, 0 ante

With the board reading {7-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{5-Spades}{6-Hearts}{8-Spades} Ronnie Bardah put out a bet of 725. The player in the hijack opted to call and Bardah showed {4-Spades}{4-Diamonds} for a straight which was good enough to win the pot.

Oznake: Ronnie Bardah

Timber! Forrest Falls From the Field

• Nivo 1: 25-25, 0 ante

We spotted Ted Forrest in the field but unfortunately it was as he was involved in his last hand of the day.

With the board reading {q-Hearts}{5-Spades}{2-Hearts}{k-Spades}{6-Hearts}, Forrest raised to 600 under the gun and the player in the cutoff re-raised to 2,300. Forrest only had around 2,000 left in his stack so if he called it would be for his tournament life.

Forrest did eventually make the call and the other player showed the {a-Hearts}{10-Hearts} for the nut flush and Forrest was eliminated from the tournament.

Oznake: Ted Forrest

Masaki's Cowboys Hold Up

• Nivo 1: 25-25, 0 ante

We caught up with the action as Ozawa Masaki flipped up his {K-Clubs}{K-Diamonds} in an all-in confrontation against an opponent holding {A-Diamonds}{K-Spades}.

The dealer revealed a flop of {4-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{9-Hearts} and Masaki's kings had held so far. The turn brought the {4-Hearts} and the gracious Japanese player was one card away from a double-up.

River: {3-Spades}

Masaki faded the three aces in the deck and eliminated a player from his table, doubling up to approximately 5,500 chips in the process.

Oznake: Ozawa Masaki

Stoffmaker Busto

• Nivo 1: 25-25, 0 ante

With the board reading {a-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{6-Hearts} Harley Stoffmaker bet 500 and Chris Tryba raised enough to put Stoffmaker all in. Stoffmaker called and revealed his {a-Spades}{6-Clubs} for two pair and was up against Tryba's {7-Hearts}{5-Hearts} for an open-ended straight flush draw. The turn was a blank but the river brought the {k-Hearts} giving Tryba a flush and sending Stoffmaker to the rail.

Oznake: Chris TrybaHarley Stoffmaker

Slepe stave:

Notable Names

OHairDJ • Nivo 1: 25-25, 0 ante

We took a quick stroll around the Pavilion to see what familiar faces we could find.

So far we've spotted Kathy Liebert, Masaaki Kagawa, Humberto Brenes, Phil Gordon, David Williams, Victor Ramdin, Shannon Shorr, Amnon Filippi, Nikolay Evdakov, Gavin Griffin, Gavin Smith, Dwight Pilgrim, Layne Flack, Sorel Mizzi, Allen Kessler and Eddy Sabat. Stay tuned to PokerNews for the latest on player arrivals, hand updates and chip counts.

Oznake: Allen KesslerAmnon FilippiDavid WilliamsDwight PilgrimEddy SabatGavin GriffinHumberto BrenesKathy LiebertLayne FlackMasaaki KagawaNikolay EvdakovPhil GordonShannon ShorrSorel MizziVictor Ramdin

Alan Larson on Fortunate End of Dispute

• Nivo 1: 25-25, 0 ante

We heard two players in the midst of a heated discussion and looked over to see a board of {6-Spades}{3-Spades}{9-Clubs}{A-Clubs}{Q-Spades}, with a large pile of chips in the middle of the table. Alan Larson had his {6-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} flipped up for a flopped set, and his opponent was desperately pleading his case to the dealer and anyone else who would listen.

Apparently, after a bet of 475 by Larson, the unnamed opponent had gone all-in and mistakenly thought he saw Larson fold his hand. The unnamed opponent, believing he has won the pot, tossed his cards towards the muck as well and waited for the dealer to push the chips his way.

Unfortunately for him, Larson had not mucked and his sixes were there for all to see. The unnamed opponent claimed vociferously that he had held the nut flush and begged the dealer to retrieve his hand. Larson showed no mercy however and said "we all know the rules kid, if you had it you would have turned it over." A floorman was called over and much to the dismay of the unnamed player, his hand was declared dead, as it had touched the muck. We may never know if he truly held two spades in his hand and the player was sent to the rail with the baddest of bad-beat stories.

Larson doubled-up on the hand and now sits with 6,975 chips.

Oznake: Alan Larson