Event #39: $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha

Breathing New Life into the Gills

• Nivo 22


Tyler Patterson raised to 32,000 and Carter Gill called before James Vanneman reraised to 115,000 from the small blind. Patterson and Gill both called.

The flop was {J-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{6-Spades} and Vanneman moved all in, Patterson folded and Gill quickly called off the rest of his chips.

Vanneman: {A-Diamonds}{A-Clubs}{K-Spades}{Q-Diamonds}
Gill: {Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts}{8-Clubs}{7-Spades}

The turn was the {3-Spades} and the {2-Diamonds} came on the river, Gill's two pair was good and he doubled up to around 690,000

Oznake: Carter GillTyler PattersonJames Vanneman