Event #39: $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha

The Ever-So-Lovable Bill Chen



With about 16,000 in the pot and a board reading {7-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{A-Clubs}{2-Clubs}, Frederic Bussot checked to the ever-so-lovable Bill Chen in the cutoff. Chen fired out a pot-sized bet, leaving himself just 12,500 behind. Bussot thought long and hard, breaking down and restacking his chips, before finally flinging his cards to the muck.

Chen took down the pot without a showdown and was more than happy stacking his newly-won chips.

Bill Chen us
Bill Chen
us 46,000 8,300
Frederic Bussot
Frederic Bussot
25,000 -10,100

Oznake: Frederic BussotBill Chen

Shuffle Up and Deal!

• Nivo 9

Cards are now in the air!

Slepe stave:

Williams At the Top to Start Day 2

David Williams - Chip Leader
David Williams - Chip Leader

Welcome back to the Rio! Players will be filtering into the Amazon room's blue section shortly and it's sure to be an exciting day! We have a total of 131 players left in the field but only 63 of them will make the money today.

Our chipleader is none other than David Williams (137,700), but he isn't the only well known player near the top of the chip counts. Omaha specialist Scott Clements is fourth in chips (108,700) and Adam Junglen in fifth in chips (90,000).

Other notable players still in the field include Humberto Brenes, Erica Schoenberg, Bill Chen, and Mitch Schock, who finished in 12th Place in Event #34.

Cards will be in the air shortly!

Oznake: David WilliamsScott ClementsAdam JunglenHumberto BrenesErica SchoenbergBill ChenMitch Schock

Day 2 Table and Seat Draw

2751James Vanneman44,100
2752Eli Elezra14,700
2753Trevor Whiteway23,100
2754Cameron New43,500
2755Alexander Hering12,600
2756Eric Houlihan28,800
2757Quinn Do35,800
2758David Hedley55,800
2759Mike Schneider38,100
2761Mitch Schock121,600
2762Fabien Perrot12,600
2763Ashkan Razavi115,000
2764Dan Santoro13,200
2765Eugene Du Plessis29,400
2766Mark Gallagher29,200
2767Stephen Chidwick44,000
2768Sebastion Saffari27,600
2769Sonu Sharma23,000
2771Patrick Miles37,000
2772Ryan Milisits18,000
2773Scott Clements108,700
2774Kevin Allen16,400
2775Amnon Filippi17,500
2776Inesa Paberzs57,200
2777Andrew Weisner9,300
2778Clayton Newman28,200
2779Jason Potter26,600
2781Lee Grove76,100
2782Annette Obrestad20,300
2783Jeanphilippe Leandri22,600
2784Wilfried Harig37,200
2785David Lestock76,200
2786Adam Junglen90,000
2787Nathan Wade21,300
2788Pramesh Bansi12,500
2789Davidi Kitai37,800
2811Mark Radoja15,000
2812Tyler Smith17,300
2813Sean Grover72,000
2814Peter Clark17,900
2815Austin Marks10,000
2816James Sowers13,400
2817Cedric Adam34,200
2818Rodney Brown43,900
2819Christopher Landgraff16,900
2821Tom Schneider40,200
2822Barry Greenstein13,500
2823Tony Cousineau6,200
2824Erica Schoenberg21,000
2825Mohsin Charania47,800
2826Jonas Mackoff58,200
2827Daniel Fuhs17,200
2828Robert Saltiel43,200
2829Tyler Patterson77,800
2831Konstantin Bucherl36,660
2832Randy Cherkas31,200
2833Athipoo Phahurat65,600
2834Carsten Joh69,300
2835Adam Wessley50,700
2836David Williams137,700
2837Franklin Grigsby39,200
2838Darryll Fish26,200
2839Mark Davidoff19,300
2841Kyle Zartman28,500
2842Patrick Coughlin18,700
2843Todd Bryson10,700
2844Daniel Studer37,000
2845Bill Chen37,700
2846Dominykas Karmazinas70,500
2847Frederic Bussot35,100
2848Van Marcus37,950
2849James Mitchell44,000
2871Andrew Nguyen20,700
2872Jonathan Zarin12,900
2873William Romaine14,000
2874David Baker65,300
2875Martin Fynbo9,000
2877Jan-Peter Jachtmann49,000
2878Tyler Hamade20,100
2879Robert [Removed:292]29,500
2881Stewart Yancik35,800
2882Michel Abecassis12,200
2883Daniel Dasilva12,300
2884Vinh Ho35,000
2886Carter Gill69,900
2887David Clark54,900
2888Joshua Budin41,300
2889Bryce Yockey65,600
2891Karen Sarkisyan55,400
2892Raul Paez25,000
2893Owais Ahmed33,600
2894Rami Boukai44,500
2895Jared Jaffee23,300
2896Donnacha Odea10,600
2897Stephen Ladowsky18,000
2898Jyri Merivirta16,200
2899Santkumar Chopra30,600
2901Joshua Field19,700
2902Brian Schwartz67,600
2903David Ashby30,900
2904Roger Easterday20,200
2905Roger Hairabedian12,700
2906Jens Hansen27,100
2908Scott Potempa17,800
2909Donny Carlton35,200
2931Jonas Entin54,000
2932Francis Cagney33,300
2933Juha Vilkki12,000
2934Wilson Chan32,800
2935Barny Boatman16,700
2937Humberto Brenes15,500
2939Scott Gledhill18,600
2941Attila Kovesi36,700
2942Sergey Altbregin71,300
2943Eugene Bauerlein3,300
2944JP Kelly18,500
2945Gregory Lee12,300
2946Siegfried Stockinger52,200
2948Eric Ladny6,800
2952Nataliya Yakovleva12,500
2953Daniel Stern13,200
2954Mark Dickstein27,900
2955Joe Hachem33,000
2956Nessim Hadiji20,500
2957Pat Pezzin10,000
2958Claudio Rinaldi30,400
2959Stephen Sola64,600
Event #39: $2,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em/Omaha
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