Event #23: $2,500 Eight-Game Mix

Juanda Moving Up

• Nivo 24

Stud 8/b

Eric Buchman completed with the {7-Diamonds} up, and John Juanda three-bet with the {6-Hearts}. Desmond Portano called 20,000 before he realized it was 40,000, and he called the extra amount to go three ways.

Juanda paired with the {6-Clubs} on fourth street, and he bet. Portano pulled a {K-Diamonds} and called, Buchman caught a {10-Diamonds}, and he called too. On fifth, Juanda drew a {3-Diamonds}, and Portano's {Q-Diamonds} and Buchman's {K-Spades} were both not good enough to call with.

Juanda takes the pot, and he's up to 475,000 now.

Oznake: John JuandaEric BuchmanDesmond Portano