Event #13: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

The Dragon Breathing Fire at His table

• Nivo 8: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

David Pham has just knocked out a player to get to heads up, and he will carry a big chip lead into his battle. We didn't catch the action, but we came to the table as the chips were being shipped to Pham. The board read {5-Hearts}{q-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{2-Spades}, and Pham had {10-Clubs}{9-Spades} for the nut straight. He is now heads up with about a 3-to-1 chip lead over his opponent.

Oznake: David Pham

Robert Smith Can't Find the Cure

• Nivo 8: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Andrew Glass has doubled through Robert Smith after he check-shoved a {9-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{8-Spades}, Smith calling with what appeared to be {A-}{K-} and already drawing dead before the {8-Clubs} turn and {7-Spades} river. Glass is up to the 100,000 mark.

Oznake: Andrew GlassRobert Smith

Bonding Doubles Up In Roller Coaster Hand

• Nivo 8: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Lars Bonding and Jean-Paul Pasqualini were heads up and the two just got all of the money in preflop in a race situation.

Bonding: {8-Clubs}{8-Hearts}
Pasqualini: {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}

The flop came out {k-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}, and Bonding stayed out front. The turn, however, brought the {9-Clubs}, giving Pasqualini the lead. The river came the {10-Clubs}, and Pasqalini let out a brief yell of celebration, until Bonding pointed out that he made a straight. A dejected Pasqualini shipped the chips over to Bonding, 153,000 in total, and Bonding is now up to 310,000.

Oznake: Lars BondingJean-Paul Pasqualini

Spinks Busts Cupello, Now Heads Up

• Nivo 8: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Franco Cupello had been playing a very aggressive style while three handed, open shoving several pots preflop. He was finally caught after shoving preflop with {4-Diamonds}{4-Spades} when Jonathan Spinks woke up with {7-Hearts}{7-Spades} in the big blind. Cupello went from drawing slim to drawing nearly dead when the flop came out {7-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}. The turn and river brought the {10-Diamonds}{j-Spades}, and Spinks won the pot, upping his stack to around 350,000. He's now heads up with current WSOP player of the year frontrunner Amir Lehavot.

Oznake: Jonathan SpinksAmir Lehavot

Starting to Wind Down

• Nivo 8: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

We have 7 tables left. Four of them are heads up, where Vitaly Lunkin and Taylor Paur both have big chip leads in their respective matchups. The other three are currently three-handed.

Joseph Webber Advances

• Nivo 8: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Joe Webber had a dominating chip stack for most of his heads up battle with Ken Weiner, and Webber was finally able to put him away moments ago. The two players got it all in prelop, and Weiner was slightly ahead.

Webber: {k-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}
Weiner: {a-Clubs}{8-Clubs}

The board ran a queen high stragiht, coming {q-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}{8-}{9-}, and Webber's king play, giving him the higher straight and the victory.

Oznake: Jospeh Webber

Pantling Outruns Mahkija To Tomorrow

• Nivo 7: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante
Amit Makhija
Amit Makhija

Andrew Pantling had a slight chip lead over Amit Mahkija when the two players got in a raising war preflop. All of the chips went in, and it was once again your classic coinflip deciding the difference between a $5,000 payday and a $13,000 payday.

Pantling: {7-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}
Mahkija: {a-Clubs}{k-Spades}

Pantling stayed ahead on the flop of {2-Spades}{4-Clubs}{9-Spades}. The turn was the {7-Spades}, giving Pantling a set but Mahkija outs to a flush. The river brought the {10-Diamonds}, and Pantling survived the river to knock out Mahkija and advance on to tomorrow.

Oznake: Amit MahkijaAndrew Pantling

Pantling vs Makhija

• Nivo 7: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Amit Makhija has just knocked out Noah Sandler to leave him heads up with Canadian Andrew Pantling for the place in the last sixteen. It looks like a tough battle between two seasoned veterans but Pantling has the early advantage in the chip counts.

Oznake: Amit MakhijaAndrew Pantling

A Look at the Current WSOP Player-of-the-Year Leaderboard

[user153638] • Nivo 7: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Current 2011 WSOP Player-of-the-Year Leaderboard

Amir Lehavot31511$573,456
Viacheslav Zhukov31511$465,216
Jake Cody30011$851,192
Sean Getzwiller28011$611,185
Eddie Blumenthal279.8020$589,784
Allen Bari27011$874,116
Geoffry Klein23011$544,388
George Lind220.5010$287,544
Jarred Solomon220.510$354,460
Yevgeniy Timoshenko21010$525,980
Steve Billirakis204.3920$282,133
Sadan Turker19610$377,411
Francesco Barbaro19011$262,283
Maria Ho18910$540,020
Sam Stein173.2510$269,649
Harrison Wilder17011$205,065
Sean LeFort150.7520$353,126
Eugene Katchalov15011$122,909

*Standings through Event #11

Lunkin Cripples Rusnak

• Nivo 7: 1,500-3,000, 500 ante

Vitaly Lunkin already had a sizeable lead over Frank Rusnak, but after this last hand, he has Rusnak down to 10 big blinds. There was 35,000 in the pot before the flop of {5-Diamonds}{a-Clubs}{6-Spades}. Rusnak bet 22,000, and Lunkin called in position. The turn brought the {7-Spades}, and Rusnak bet out 23,500. Lunkin calmly said all in, and Rusnak folded his hand rather quickly. Lunkin now has around 420,000.

Oznake: Vitaly LunkinFrank Rusnak