Event #12: $1,500 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em

Liebert Loses a Race

• Nivo 11: 500-1,000, 100 ante

We missed the action on the hand but we saw Kathy Liebert collecting her things and leaving the tournament area. From what we gathered Liebert lost a race holding {A-} {J-} against Justin Pechie's pocket tens.

Oznake: Justin PechieKathy Liebert

A Little Prank to Start the Day

• Nivo 11: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Catching the action on the {8-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} flop, Marios Savvides moved all in for his final 20,000. John May thought for a minute or two before deciding to call. Savvides slammed over his {J-}{J-} and was ahead of the {10-}{10-} holdings of May.

Savvides put his forehead on the table and covered his face with his arms so that he couldn't see the turn and river. Although it came a harmless {2-} and {5-}, Shane Sigsbee decided to have some fun and let out an "Ohhhh!!!!" on the river. Dean Hamrick joined along with a sigh of his own. Savvides lifted his head thinking he had lost the pot, only to smile and give Sigsbee a playful shove as he raked in the chips.

Savvides now sits with 50,000 while May has been crippled to 10,000.

Oznake: Dean HamrickJohn MayMarios SavvidesShane Sigsbee

Hastings With Early Double Up

• Nivo 11: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Corey Hastings moved in with his short stack and Andy Black called from the button. Hastings held {7-Clubs} {8-Clubs} and Black tabled {A-Hearts} {9-Diamonds}.

Board: {6-Clubs} {9-Clubs} {4-Hearts} {8-Hearts} {10-Hearts}

Hastings is up over 14,000.

Oznake: Andy BlackCorey Hastings

Slepe stave:

Day 2 Getting Set to Begin

Peter Hernandez is Our Day 1 Chip Leader.
Peter Hernandez is Our Day 1 Chip Leader.

After an action packed Day 1 to the only Triple Chance Tournament in the series this year, we were left with just 157 players left fighting for the bracelet. Among those still competing are Andy Black, Isaac Haxton, Justin Smith, Ted Forrest, Kathy Liebert and Andy Frankenberger. One table in particular, number 366, should be especially entertaining. Carlos Mortensen and Sam Trickett will be sitting next to each other with David Sklansky only a couple of seats down from them.

There are a few players already over the 100,000 mark. The stacks of J.C. Tran, Jonathan "Monster_Dong" Karamilikis, and Bradley McFarland have all hit six figures but none were able to capture the chip lead. They are all chasing Peter Hernandez who has a whopping 124,700 chips! To put it into perspective, the average chip stack won't surpass that number until we get down to less than 50 players!

Another thing to keep an eye on early is that we are just 13 eliminations away from the money. Some players will be trying to cash while others take advantage of the bubble and attack the short stacks. The excitement and heartbreak the WSOP is so well known for is sure to happen early, late and all day in between. You won't want to miss any of the action when play resumes in about 15 minutes at 2:30 pm local time so stay close to PokerNews for all your updates!

Day 2 Table and Seat Draw

3541Andy Black85,300
3542Eric Ford40,600
3543Isaac Baron10,600
3544Brett Shaffer35,100
3545Regis Merault25,100
3546Cliff Josephy58,000
3547Matt Widdoes34,400
3548Corey Hastings7,100
3549Matthew Henson44,500
3551Amritaksha Basu20,800
3552Cody Scherer17,900
3553Shane Sigsbee55,100
3554Marios Savvides24,500
3555John May39,000
3557Ross Marrinson40,200
3558Justin Sternberg30,900
3559Dean Hamrick14,900
3561Paul Dewald89,100
3562Justin Chan53,100
3563Mikhail Lakhitov84,100
3564Jerry Wong27,500
3565Shawn Busse37,500
3566Matt Glantz50,300
3567Raphael Doromal28,400
3568J.C. Tran111,200
3569Nickolas Davies30,000
3571Suleiman Abueid71,200
3572Justin Smith23,900
3573Ray Henson25,200
3574Andrea Dato20,600
3575Matthias De Meulder10,200
3576Benjamin Tollerene95,300
3577Torrey Reily40,900
3578Kirill Rabtsov28,900
3579Anthony Fung47,800
3591Brandon Poe62,200
3592Bill Chen40,900
3593Ted Forrest54,500
3594Joel Bullock14,000
3595Paul Deng62,000
3596Richard Anthony44,500
3597Flaminio Malaguti15,000
3598Ganesh Letchumanan22,400
3599Jose Severino26,700
3601Jonathan Karamalikis122,700
3602Darryll Fish33,300
3603Andy Frankenberger47,900
3604Richard Trigg95,700
3605Donald Boivin25,700
3606Michael Carlson45,400
3607Jesse Vilchez19,300
3608David Diaz67,500
3609Eric Guth59,400
3611David Gutfreund8,400
3612Mika Paasonen9,800
3613Bryan Pimlott59,200
3614Isaac Haxton47,200
3615Mihai Manole71,300
3616Daniel Ivers6,700
3617Randall Cohen19,200
3618Gevork Kasabyan14,900
3619Eric Ladny87,500
3621Simon Charette8,500
3622Anh Van Nguyen23,400
3623David Cairns20,600
3624Blake Cahail52,900
3625Craig Gray19,400
3626Eugene Castro24,000
3627Benjamin Eilers44,600
3628Tyler Kenney52,100
3629Kenneth Mattox39,200
3631Daniel Smith16,100
3632Philippe Plouffe64,800
3633Danny Wong35,400
3634Jesse Yaginuma35,900
3635Mark Burford16,900
3636Peter Hernandez124,700
3637Antoine Amourette20,400
3638Alan Brodsky54,400
3639Binh Nguyen18,100
3641Christopher Johnson70,000
3642Mikhail Yakovlev40,300
3643Scott Fawcett11,800
3644Toni Ojala33,600
3645Lukas Schwartzorbach41,700
3646Jordan Siegel41,200
3647Dolph Arnold21,400
3648Salman Behbehani30,200
3649Kenn Pluard34,700
3651Jason Helder44,800
3652Tad Jurgens46,300
3653Jolyne Thompson12,800
3654Nicholas Rampone23,700
3655Nicholas Cherry7,300
3656Douglas Foster21,900
3657Stephen Williams18,200
3658Daniel Quesada33,900
3659Henrik Tollefsen31,100
3661Stephen Reynolds16,400
3662Cyriel Dohmen58,800
3663Anthony Moses21,700
3664Sam Trickett12,500
3665Carlos Mortensen57,100
3666David Zeitlin61,800
3667David Sklansky15,100
3668Michael De Gilio14,200
3669Nicholas Goedert56,500
3671Gaetano Buda46,500
3672Jeff Blenkarn25,500
3673Jesse Cohen45,100
3674Warren Watson26,900
3675Nichoel Peppe24,300
3676Martins Adeniya73,100
3677Fabrice Halleux37,500
3678William Givens38,600
3679Robert Koss32,300
3681Dan Martin38,500
3682Mats Gavatin19,200
3683Gavin Polone39,800
3684Jeffrey Ust11,400
3685Bradley Mcfarland101,300
3686Kathy Liebert20,400
3687Justin Pechie58,900
3688Craig Vergotz9,200
3689Trevor Savage24,600
3691Michael Mitchell12,600
3692Arthur Lim71,700
3693Brandon Hall14,200
3694James Mackey30,600
3695Joshua Bergman39,000
3696Gabriel Alarie25,700
3698Ty Reiman58,700
3699Steven Watts99,500
3701Pascal LeFrancois17,000
3702Reed Hensel18,200
3703Kenneth Martin42,300
3704Silveira Recife28,200
3706Erik Torgersen11,900
3707Denis Gnidash15,100
3708Caio Cesar Pimenta21,300
3709Ronnie Satterfield12,100
3721Timothy Finne3,000
3722Paul Fehlig14,900
3724John Myung86,100
3725Gal Yifrach50,500
3726Anders Meli40,200
3727Andy Philachack36,000
3728Kristopher Bradshaw24,100
3729DID NOT REPORT44,000
3731Vincent Vanderfluit22,000
3732Chad Winters23,000
3734Brett Schwertley40,700
3735Ryan Olson47,400
3736Matt Sterling78,000
3737Tyson Marks42,500
3738Brian Benhamou61,000
3739Getty Mattingsley45,900
Event #12: $1,500 Triple Chance No-Limit Hold’em
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