$10,000 Main Event

Chip Counts from Table 10 and 11

• Nivo 12: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante
Victor Teng au
Victor Teng
au 330,000 90,000
Patty Lai TW
Patty Lai
TW 160,000 30,000
Sam Higgs au
Sam Higgs
au 148,000 -4,000
Byron Kaverman us
Byron Kaverman
us 146,000 -19,000
Jonathan Duhamel ca
Jonathan Duhamel
ca 140,000 25,000
Baden Logan AU
Baden Logan
AU 105,000 -25,000
Daniel Laidlaw au
Daniel Laidlaw
au 100,000 35,000
Laurence Hall au
Laurence Hall
au 100,000 5,000
Michael O'Grady au
Michael O'Grady
au 93,000 -47,000
JJ Liu tw
JJ Liu
tw 87,100 -2,900
Dennis Huntly au
Dennis Huntly
au 78,000 -5,000
Harry Demetriou GB
Harry Demetriou
GB 67,400 -42,600
Andy Lee AU
Andy Lee
AU 60,300 15,300
Scott Wilson ca
Scott Wilson
ca 60,000 20,000
Heinz Kamutzki de
Heinz Kamutzki
de 27,000 -23,000

Chip Counts from Table 32 and 33

• Nivo 12: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante
Kyle Montgomery us
Kyle Montgomery
us 350,000 120,000
Timo Pfutzenreuter DE
Timo Pfutzenreuter
DE 173,000 -72,000
Wai Tung Lo HK
Wai Tung Lo
HK 172,800 7,600
Dean Stevenson AU
Dean Stevenson
AU 151,300 700
Kahle Burns au
Kahle Burns
au 150,000 -20,000
Dylan Honeyman au
Dylan Honeyman
au 132,500 23,300
Adrian Attenborough au
Adrian Attenborough
au 132,000 41,500
Tobias Reinkemeier de
Tobias Reinkemeier
de 126,500 23,700
Craig Blight au
Craig Blight
au 118,400 3,400
Brandon Shack-Harris us
Brandon Shack-Harris
us 114,500 10,300
Jeff Rossiter au
Jeff Rossiter
au 67,000 -1,200
Kasra Bakhshaee
Kasra Bakhshaee
65,400 -27,500
Slade Fisher nz
Slade Fisher
nz 60,500 -11,500
Mikel Habb au
Mikel Habb
au 59,600 -22,400
Chun Lee HK
Chun Lee
HK 45,300 -4,700
David Su
David Su
28,400 3,400

Antonios Knocks Out Rubie

[user38873] • Nivo 12: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante
Brendon Rubie
Brendon Rubie

Alexander Antonios raised to 4,500 from under the gun and the action folded to Brendon Rubie in the small blind. He clicked it back to 10,500 and Antonios made it 28,000 to call off the all in by Rubie for 58,000 in chips.

Rubie: {Q-Diamonds} {Q-Hearts}
Antonios: {A-Spades} {K-Diamonds}

Both over cards appeared on the {A-Clubs} {K-Spades} {7-Diamonds} flop and the {7-Hearts} turn changed nothing whatsoever. Instead of the two remaining queens in the deck, the {K-Clubs} completed the board on the river and Antonios even made a full house to send Rubie packing.

Alexander Antonios au
Alexander Antonios
au 200,000 103,000
Brendon Rubie au
Brendon Rubie
au Izpadel

Oznake: Alexander AntoniosBrendon Rubie

Gross Sets Up Thompson

Chad_Holloway • Nivo 12: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Just before the break, there was around 18,000 in the pot and a flop of {7-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{2-Spades} when Jeff Gross got his stack of 58,500 all in against John Thompson.

Thompson: {a-Hearts}{a-Clubs}
Gross: {2-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}

Gross had flopped a set and he scored the double after the {Q-Spades} blanked on the turn followed by the {3-Hearts} on the river.

Jeff Gross us
Jeff Gross
us 140,000 75,000
John Thompson au
John Thompson
au 17,000 -35,000

Oznake: John ThompsonJeff Gross

Slepe stave:

Last Break of the Night

Chad_Holloway • Nivo 11: 800-1,600, 200 ante

Another level is in the books, and that means it's time for another 15-minute break. Just one more 90-minute level will be played here on Day 2 before players bag and tag for the night.

Calcagno KO'd

• Nivo 11: 800-1,600, 200 ante
Scott Calcagno
Scott Calcagno

Dylan Hortin opened to 3,500 from early position and Scott Calcagno moved all in for 17,600 from the cutoff. Hortin made the call and the cards were tabled.

Calcagno: {A-Clubs}{J-Spades}
Hortin: {4-Hearts}{4-Spades}

The board ran out {3-Clubs}{6-Spades}{2-Clubs}{10-Spades}{8-Hearts} and Calcagno headed to the rail.

Dylan Hortin us
Dylan Hortin
us 70,000 -19,000
Scott Calcagno au
Scott Calcagno
au Izpadel

Oznake: Dylan HortinScott Calcagno

Lee Wins Flip

[user38873] • Nivo 11: 800-1,600, 200 ante

Kahle Burns raised to 3,400 and got two callers before Chun Lee moved all in from the big blind for 21,600. Burns isolated to scare off the two other players and then tabled {A-Diamonds} {K-Hearts}. It was a flip against the {9-Hearts} {9-Diamonds} of Lee and the latter held up on a board of {4-Diamonds} {3-Hearts} {2-Spades} {Q-Diamonds} {Q-Hearts}.

Chun Lee HK
Chun Lee
HK 50,000 8,000

Oznake: Chun LeeKahle Burns

Higgs Busts Kampanatsanyakorn

[user38873] • Nivo 11: 800-1,600, 200 ante

A short-stacked Chane Kampanatsanyakorn moved all in for what looked like 13,000 from the button and Sam Higgs tossed in three T-5,000 chips out of the small blind whereas the player in the big blind folded.

Higgs: {Q-Hearts} {k-Hearts}
Kampanatsanyakorn: {8-Diamonds} {9-Clubs}

The {8-Clubs} {2-Diamonds} {K-Diamonds} flop had something for both players but Higgs stayed ahead and did so until after the {J-Hearts} turn and the {2-Hearts} river as well.

Sam Higgs au
Sam Higgs
au 152,000 37,000
Chane Kampanatsanyakorn th
Chane Kampanatsanyakorn
th Izpadel

Oznake: Chane KampanatsanyakornSam Higgs