HK$100,000 Short Deck Ante-Only

Chow Hing Yaung Eliminated in 3rd Place (HKD 874,801)

Jan_Kores • Nivo 16: 0-0, 80,000 ante
Chow Hing Yaung

Nick Schulman raised to 400,000 and Chow Hing Yaung jammed 3,605,000 on the button. Schulman snap-called, prompting a "Wow" from Chow when he saw Schulman turn up the bullets.

Nick Schulman: {A-Diamonds}{A-Clubs}
Chow Hing Yaung: {J-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

Chow hit a bingo on the {6-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} flop and the {8-Spades} pushed him closer to a double. However, the {A-Spades} river switched the flip and Schulman eliminated Chow in third place for an 874,801 payday.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Nick Schulman us
Nick Schulman
us 16,400,000 3,900,000
Kenneth Kee SG
Kenneth Kee
SG 1,900,000 -800,000
Chow Hing Yaung MY
Chow Hing Yaung
MY Izpadel

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