$1,115 Regional Main Event

DePalma's Upswing Not Done

• Nivo 23: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Nick DePalma Over 2 million

Nick DePalma just won another huge hand of Bruce Peery. Peery is now under a million for the first time since the dinner break and DePalma has cracked the 2-million mark.

After a bet and a call on the flop of {6-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}. Peery led the turn as well for 125,000 when the {4-Spades} hit, pairing the board. DePalma called.

The river was the {6-Hearts}, pairing the board again and Peery bet 320,000. Almost as soon as Peery put the bet out, DePalma tossed a chip in to call with {a-}{j-} and was good with ace high.

Število žetonov po igralcih
Nick DePalma us 2,300,000 540,000
Bruce Peery us 889,000 -361,000

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