Turnirji v živo 1
€5,300 Main Event

Hasson Fumes

• Nivo 3: 100-200, 0 ante

Dmitry Yurasov was in the small blind and looking at a flop of {3-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{q-Spades}. The Russian checked it over to his opponent Ori Hasson who bet 6,250. Yurasov made the call and the two players saw the turn card {a-Hearts} arrive. Yurasov checked again and Hasson motioned for him to lift his arms so he could see his remaining stack and he obliged. Information gathered Hason checked again.

The river {9-Hearts} was checked by both players and when Yurasov turned over a winning {q-Clubs}{j-Clubs} Hasson threw his head back, eyes rolling towards the heavens and flicked his cards rather too vigorously towards the dealer. He immediately muttered an apology to the dealer but, clearly rattled by something, he got up from his seat to take a few moments to calm down.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
Dmitry Yurasov ru
Dmitry Yurasov
ru 53,000
Ori Hasson il
Ori Hasson
il 40,000

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