$100,000 Super High Roller

Charania Takes Down Colman

[user139916] • Nivo 9: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Mohsin Charania opened to 15,500 in the hijack and Daniel Colman three-bet all in from the big blind for about 82,000. Charania called.

Charania: {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}
Colman: {A-Clubs}{9-Spades}

The flop fell {10-Spades}{8-Clubs}{7-Spades}, giving Charania top set while also giving Colman an open-ended straight draw. The {Q-Spades} turn added flush outs for Colman, but the {A-Diamonds} river was no help, ending his tournament.

Mohsin Charania us
Mohsin Charania
us 400,000 62,500
Daniel Colman us
Daniel Colman
us Izpadel

Oznake: Daniel ColmanMohsin Charania

Katz Eliminated by Chidwick

• Nivo 9: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante
Cary Katz
Cary Katz

Cary Katz moved all in for his last 108,000 from middle position. Stephen Chidwick was next to act and he thought for a moment before moving all in over the top for about 250,000 total. Noah Schwartz went into the tank, but ultimately decided to throw his hand away. The rest of the table folded, allowing the two active players to table their cards.

Katz: {A-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}
Chidwick: {7-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}

The board came out {2-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}{8-Spades}, keeping Chidwick's sevens in the lead. Katz took his leave from the tournament area and Chidwick brought his stack up to around 365,000.

Stephen Chidwick gb
Stephen Chidwick
gb 365,000 115,000
Cary Katz us
Cary Katz
us Izpadel

Oznake: Cary KatzStephen Chidwick

Day 2 Table and Seat Draw

[user139916] • Nivo 9: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Jake Schindler, Stephen Chidwick, and Olivier Busquet will be reentering the event, while Brandon Steven and Ilya Bulychev are joining the field for the first time, bringing the total field size to 66 entries with 44 players remaining.

Table 1

1Ole Schemion187,500
2Bryn Kenney626,000
3Sean Winter434,000
4Igor Kurganov63,000
5Justin Bonomo511,000
7Dani Stern348,500
8Olivier Busquet250,000

Table 2

1Zhou Zhou332,000
2Cary Katz107,000
3Stephen Chidwick250,000
4Noah Schwartz261,500
5Scott Seiver214,000
6Bill Perkins479,000
7Paul Newey470,500
8Steve O'Dwyer193,500

Table 3

1Max Altergott256,600
2Daniel Negreanu303,000
3Carlos Chadha683,000
5Pratyush Buddiga318,000
6Brandon Steven250,000
7Ivan Soshnikov201,000
8Vladimir Troyanovskiy637,000

Table 4

1Isaac Haxton275,500
2Jason Mercier540,000
4Sam Greenwood1,073,000
5Andrew Robl734,000
6Roger Sippl317,500
7Zach Hyman462,000
8Dong Kim107,000

Table 5

1Jason Les152,500
2Ilya Bulychev250,000
3Mohsin Charania337,500
4Christoph Vogelsang697,500
5Mike McDonald749,000
6Jake Schindler250,000
7Daniel Colman84,000
8Sam Trickett190,000

Table 6

1David Peters365,000
3Talal Shakerchi324,000
4Keith Lehr501,000
5Erik Seidel546,500
6Jason Koon370,500
7Fedor Holz271,000
8Sorel Mizzi577,500
Slepe stave:

Greenwood Leads Stacked Field Into Day 2


Day 2 of the 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $100,000 Super High Roller is here. After yesterday's Day 1 say a field of 61 total entries generated (48 unique players and 13 reentries), 39 advanced. Leading the pack was Sam Greenwood with an impressive seven-figure stack of 1.073 million, and he's trailed by Mike McDonald and Andrew Robl.

With registration still open until the start of play today, the number of entries is sure to grow and continue to increase the record that has already been set. The previous record for this event was 2013's version with 47 unique players and 12 reentries for 59 total entries.

Day 1's play saw Dan Shak and Bill Perkins both fire three bullets into the prize pool, but only Perkins survived to the end of the night. Shak can still reenter for a fourth time, and if he does he'll be aiming for his fourth consecutive final table in this event.

Speaking of the man who finished in second place on the leaderboard, McDonald had a rather strenuous day, and we're not talking about poker. He was involved in two prop bets that tested his physical fitness. The first one saw him attempt to perform 300 air squats in one hour. He did that quite easily, and then spoke to Remko Rinkema about it all in the video below:

Later on in the day, McDonald was tasked to perform 350 push-ups in one hour, but he ultimately fell short of the goal when he could only pump out 323 — still an impressive number. Needless to say, he might be a little bit sore today for Day 2.

Other notables still remaining are Bryn Kenney, Erik Seidel, Jason Mercier, Jason Koon, Paul Newey, and Daniel Negreanu.

The cards are set to be in the air at 12 p.m. local time, and you can find continued coverage from the event right here on PokerNews, so stay tuned!

$100,000 Super High Roller
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