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Table Draw Day 2


We've just received the official table draw for Day 2. As people are still able to register, there are still open spots that can be filled up. As soon as registration closes, we imagine some reseating will take place.

11Ariel CelestinoBrazil38,800
13Jason LavalleeCanada89,200
14Stephen ChidwickUnited Kingdom117,300
15Mike McDonaldCanada125,400
16Sam TrickettUnited Kingdom66,000
17Calvin AndersonUnited States170,900
18Imad DerwicheFrance154,300
21Sorel MizziCanada228,700
22Dominik NitscheGermany70,900
23Marvin RettenmaierGermany20,500
24Hady El AsmarLebanon41,600
26Igor YaroshevskyyUkraine101,200
28Aleksei PlatonovRussian Federation78,500
31Vasily KlyukinMonaco94,800
32Eugene KatchalovUkraine184,300
34Anthony ZinnoUnited States113,200
35Scott SeiverUnited States22,900
36Johnny LoddenNorway63,500
37Daniel ColmanUnited States215,900
38Ole SchemionGermany128,200
42Zhapar SultanovKazakhstan103,800
43Timothy AdamsCanada165,500
44JC AlvaradoMexico44,400
45Tobias ReinkemeierGermany34,500
46Pascal LefrancoisCanada149,200
47Ismail ErkenovRussian Federation355,600
48Martin FingerGermany274,700
51Jonathan DuhamelCanada63,400
52Talal ShakerchiUnited Kingdom173,100
53Alex BilokurRussian Federation151,700
54Oleksii KhorosheninUkraine129,900
55Bertrand GrospellierFrance48,700
57Dimitar DanchevBulgaria22,800
58Byron KavermanUnited States194,100
62Chenxiang MiaoChina235,400
63Viktor BlomSweden57,600
64Alex KravchenkoRussian Federation83,600
66Anatoly FilatovRussian Federation85,600
67Bryn KenneyUnited States29,000
68Dan SmithUnited States79,100
71Sam GreenwoodCanada229,900
73Martin JacobsonSweden21,200
74Alexander KuzminRussian Federation5,000
75Adrian Mateos DiazSpain84,700
76Noah SchwartzUnited States130,900
77Chistoph VogelsangGermany26,800
78Alexander UskovRussian Federation59,800
81Ihar SoikaBelarus168,500
82Michael TelkerUnited States119,100
83Artem LitvinovRussian Federation84,700
85Angel GuillenMexico167,500
86Daniel NegreanuCanada110,700
87Davidi KitaiBelgium100,900
88Jeremy AusmusUnited States105,000
91Ami BarerCanada25,800
92Dmitry YurasovRussian Federation242,000
93Rui CaoFrance154,300
94Jason MercierUnited States49,200
95John JuandaIndonesia290,000
96Thomas MuhlockerAustria142,200
97Niall FarrellUnited Kingdom172,300
101Sam ChartierCanada56,000
103Vitaly LunkinRussian Federation55,000
104Govert MetaalNetherlands130,000
105Mike WatsonCanada39,800
106Andrew ChenCanada52,400
108Justin BonomoUnited States57,500
111Paul KlannCanada125,400
112Anatoly GurtovoyRussian Federation106,800
113Igor KurganovRussian Federation46,100
114Jeffrey RossiterAustralia65,700
116Daniel SternUnited States69,800
117[Removed:17]New Zealand127,500
118Senh UngUnited Kingdom248,000
121Marko NeumannGermany34,000
122Daniel ZackUnited States42,500
123Victoria CorenUnited Kingdom126,000
124Artem MetalidiUkraine119,500
125Antoine SaoutFrance61,300
127murad akhundovAzerbaijan73,400
128Philipp GruissemGermany63,000
131Benny SpindlerGermany384,300
132Oleh OkhotskyiUkraine80,000
134Luke SchwartzUnited Kingdom30,000
135Simon HigginsUnited Kingdom181,600
136Dario SammartinoItaly154,600
137Yevgeniy TimoshenkoUnited States129,500
138Erik SeidelUnited States80,600
141Pablo FernandezUnited Kingdom47,900
143Benjamin PollakUnited Kingdom87,900
144Jonas KronwitterGermany72,000
145Antoine BerubeCanada117,000
146Igor SuchkovRussian Federation226,700
147Robert AkeryUnited Kingdom42,500
148Paul NeweyUnited Kingdom51,400

Chip Counts at the Start of Day 2 (v celoti)

Benny Spindler de
Benny Spindler
de 384,300
Ismail Erkenov RU
Ismail Erkenov
RU 355,600
John Juanda id
John Juanda
id 290,000 -600
Martin Finger de
Martin Finger
de 274,700 164,700
Senh Ung
Senh Ung
248,000 198,000
Dmitry Yurasov ru
Dmitry Yurasov
ru 242,000
Chenxiang Miao CN
Chenxiang Miao
CN 235,400 4,000
Sam Greenwood ca
Sam Greenwood
ca 229,900
Sorel Mizzi ca
Sorel Mizzi
ca 228,700
Igor Suchkov
Igor Suchkov
Daniel Colman us
Daniel Colman
us 215,900 88,700
Byron Kaverman us
Byron Kaverman
us 194,100
Eugene Katchalov ua
Eugene Katchalov
ua 184,300 134,300
Simon Higgins gb
Simon Higgins
gb 181,600
Talal Shakerchi gb
Talal Shakerchi
gb 173,100 47,700
Niall Farrell gb
Niall Farrell
gb 172,300 122,300
Calvin Anderson us
Calvin Anderson
us 170,900 120,900
Ihar Soika by
Ihar Soika
by 168,500 118,500
Angel Guillen mx
Angel Guillen
mx 167,500
Timothy Adams ca
Timothy Adams
ca 165,500
Dario Sammartino it
Dario Sammartino
it 154,600
Imad Derwiche fr
Imad Derwiche
fr 154,300
Rui Cao fr
Rui Cao
fr 154,300
Alex Bilokur ru
Alex Bilokur
ru 151,700
Pascal Lefrancois ca
Pascal Lefrancois
ca 149,200 69,200

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Welcome to Day 2 of the 2014 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo® Casino EPT Grand Final €25,000 High Roller

Benny Spindler Leads the Way
Benny Spindler Leads the Way

A staggering 205 entries were made into the €25,000 High Roller, making this the largest High Roller on European Soil in the 10 season history of the European Poker Tour. Registration is still open till the start of play, so that number might even increase a little too. Of those 205 entries, 95 players were still active at the end of the day late last night.

The plan for today is to play down to a final table, or ten full one-hour levels. With an average stack of a little 100,000 and blinds to begin at 1,000/2,000 (300 ante), there's more than enough play left. So 10 levels is more likely to happen than to form a final table today.

Leading the way is Benny Spindler who amassed 384,300 in chips. He'll start the day with 192 big blinds. Ismail Erkenov (355,600), John Juanda (290,600) and Dmitry Yurasov (242,000) also did a great job of collecting chips on the first day. Scott Seiver (22,900), Martin Jacobson (21,200) and Marvin Rettenmaier (20,500) will have a much tougher job staying alive in today's tournament full of sharks.

The official chip counts of all the players have not yet been released by the tournament organization. A table draw is also nog likely to be released before play starts. When we get the official numbers, we'll be sure to update them right here in the PokerNews live reporting blog.

Play will again start at noon today. Check back with PokerNews for coverage in two and a half hours!

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€25,500 High Roller
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