The Professionals vs. Team PokerStars

Negreanu Doubles Twice on Table 1

Despite being left with just 10 big blinds, Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu has staged a comeback on Table 1.

On Hand #25, Gus Hansen open-shoved on the button with {a-Clubs}{6-Clubs}. Negreanu called with {k-Hearts}{7-Hearts}, and the flop was a very interesting one: {6-Spades}{2-Hearts}{8-Hearts}. Negreanu had a king-high flush draw, while Hansen flopped a pair of sixes.

The turn was the {3-Clubs}, improving neither hand, and the {q-Hearts} spiked on the river, giving Negreanu a flush.

A few hands later, Hansen limped in on the button, Negreanu checked, and the flop was {q-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{2-Clubs}. The two checked, and the turn was the {6-Spades}. Negreanu fired 60, Hansen called, and the {6-Clubs} completed the board.

Negreanu led out for 150, Hansen raised to 390, and Negreanu moved all in for 985. Hansen called, then mucked when Negreanu showed {2-Diamonds}{2-Spades} for a full house.

"He's fighting back!" Negreanu yelled. "This bloody tick won't go away."

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