High Roller

Mizzi Can't Call

Paul Volpe opened to 13,000 in the hijack seat, Olivier Busquet three-bet to 30,000 on his direct left, Sorel Mizzi cold four-bet to 66,000 on the button, and Volpe folded.

Not 10 seconds after Volpe's cards hit the muck, Busquet moved all in for 234,000 total. Mizzi tanked for the better part of 90 seconds, during which time he cut out enough chips to make the call, then folded.

"Eights?" Mizzi asked Busquet. "Were tens good?"

"What does good mean?" Busquet fired back.

"It was flipping," Fabian Quoss chimed it.

"Ace-queen of spades," Busquet then told Mizzi deadpan.

"Ace-queen," Mizzi echoed, claiming to have the same hand.

"Sucks for you," Busquet said. "The spot that is."

"Spades were coming," Mizzi joked.

Igralec Št. žetonov Napredek
475,000 -75,000
305,000 69,000

Oznake: Olivier BusquetPaul VolpeSorel Mizzi