Main Event

Cagey Play on Table 2; Tompkins' Lead Cut

With a place at an EPT final table at stake it's understandable to see cagey play early on. The players on table 2 are feeling each other out and making considered decisions at every juncture.

It took a while to get a hand that made it to showdown, but when it did, chip leader Jason Tompkins lost some of his lead.

Michael Benvenuti raised to 48,000 from under the gun and was called by Imed Mahmoud on the button and Tompkins in the small blind.

All three checked the {4-Spades}{q-Hearts}{q-Clubs} flop to head to the {3-Hearts} turn. The action checked to Mahmoud who bet 67,000, only called by Tompkins. Mahmoud bet 141,000 after the river came {9-Clubs} and Tompkins checked to him again. The Irishman called after some thought and mucked upon seeing his opponent's {k-Diamonds}{q-Spades} for trips.

Jason Tompkins ie
Jason Tompkins
ie 2,150,000 -273,000
Angelo Recchia IT
Angelo Recchia
IT 1,040,000 -660,000
Michael Benvenuti us
Michael Benvenuti
us 680,000 -80,000

Oznake: Imed MahmoudJason TompkinsMichael Benvenuti

Stage Set For Penultimate Day

• Nivo 26: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante

There’s not much to see from the spectator gallery as play moves into the theatre at Casino Sanremo. But the players are ready to play down to a final table.

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Maracchione Doubles Early

• Nivo 24: 1,200-2,400, 300 ante

Charly Maracchione got his stack of 260,000 all in before the flop early on here in the day holding {A-}{K-} against an opponent's {A-}{Q-}. The ace-king was able to hold and Maracchione was able to double up.

Slepe stave:

Remaining 24 Runners Play Down to a Final Table on Day 5

Jason Tompkins On Top
Jason Tompkins On Top

Welcome back to our live coverage of Season 9 of EPT Sanremo Main Event. Yesterday's play saw 66 players return to the felt to battle it out for a spot among the top 24. These remaining 24 players will return today to play down to a final table of eight. The man with the best chance of getting there is Jason Tompkins who is bringing a stack of 2.423 million into play.

There were still many a recognizable name left in the field when play began yesterday. Their quest to glory, however, was cut short when their chips were forced to be shipped across the felt to other worthy competitors. Justin Bonomo, Roberto Romanello, David Vamplew, Alex Roumeliotis, and Mike Watson were among those to see their tournament come to an end on Day 4.

While those players were unable to make Day 5, other notable names were able to overcome the field and advance. Players returning today that are looking for a spot on the prestigious final table include Yevgeniy Timoshenko, Michael Benvenuti, Jason Lavallee, Thomas Gabriel, Ludovic Lacay, Micah Raskin, Matt Salsberg, the Day 3 and 4 chip leader, Inge Forsmo

Cards are soon to fly in the theater of the lavish Casino Sanremo. Be sure to stay tuned to our updates as we proceed along the path to an EPT final table!

Former EPT Sanremo Champions

SeasonDateBuy-In# of PlayersPrize PoolWinnerTop Prize
4April 1-5, 2008€5,000701€3,100,000Jason Mercier€869,000
5April 18-23, 2009€5,3001,178€5,713,300Constant Rijkenberg€1,508,000
6April 15-21, 2010€5,3001,240€6,014,000Liv Boeree€1,250,000
7April 27-May 3, 2011€5,300987€4,786,950Rupert Elder€930,000
8October 21-27, 2011€4,900837€3,734,694Andrey Pateychuk€680,000

Oznake: Jason Tompkins

Tabledraw Day 5

11Iulian Ruxandescu1.218.000
12Matt Salsberg783.000
13Jonas Mackoff1.691.000
14Adrian Piasecki1.000.000
15Alberto Musini768.000
16Charly Maracchione260.000
17Carmelo Vasta632.000
18Andrea Furlanetto293.000
21Amerigo Santoro1.000.000
22Artem Litvinov458.000
23Ludovic Lacay1.731.000
24Giuseppe Cefalu715.000
25Imed Mahmoud510.000
26Jason Tompkins2.423.000
27Angelo Recchia1.700.000
28Michael Benvenuti760.000
31Yevgeniy Timoshenko533.000
32Ismael Bojang619.000
33Michele Di Lauro467.000
34Thomas Gabriel342.000
35Inge Forsmo2.025.000
36Negjdel Avdylaj1.702.000
37Jason Lavallee1.066.000
38Micah Raskin1.042.000
Main Event
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