Event #14: $1,150 Australian Poker Hall of Fame

Minh Nguyen Wins the Australian Poker Hall Of Fame Classic for AU$24,950

• Nivo 18: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Minh Nguyen wins Australian Poker Hall of Fame Event #14

Aussie Minh Nguyen took down the 2016 Aussie Millions Event #14 $1,150 Australian Poker Hall Of Fame Classic title at the Crown Entertainment Complex in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

Originally scheduled for two days, Nguyen took only one to defeat a 96 player field and earn the $24,950 first place prize and LK Boutique Aussie Millions Championship ring that came along with it.

Nguyen went wire-to-wire at the final table, starting out with the chip lead and only increasing it when he knocked out Robert Fenner tenth and Jack Salter ninth in just the first few hands.

Linh Tran came in second in chips, and made it a two horse race, busting the final Hall of Famer in the field eighth, collecting the $500 bounty on Gary Benson's head.

Tran also busted Ukranian Antonina Anapolska seventh picking up aces versus her jacks and while Nguyen busted short stack Michael Accardo sixth, Tran ran it twice with Roy Vandersluis and eventually busted him fifth.

Nguyen went back to work, taking care of Geoffrey Mooney fourth when he shoved a weak ace into his strong one, and the inevitable heads-up match between the two started after Tran ran kings into Tatjana Zizic's aces and turned a third king to bust her third.

Nguyen still held the lead when heads-up play started and he simply leaned on Tran until he was short and committed his stack on a bluff, handing Nguyen the title.

Oznake: Antonina AnapolskaGary BensonGeoffrey MooneyJack SalterLinh TranMichael AccardoRobert FennerRoy VandersluisTatjana Zizic