$10,600 Main Event

Early Eliminations

Chad_Holloway • Nivo 8: 400-800, 100 ante
Martin Stewart
Martin Stewart
Mateusz Zbikowski
Mateusz Zbikowski
Pui 'Percy' Yung
Pui 'Percy' Yung
Semon Deeb AU
Semon Deeb
AU Izpadel
Dong Kim us
Dong Kim
us Izpadel
Robert Spano au
Robert Spano
au Izpadel
Nick Georgoulas AU
Nick Georgoulas
AU Izpadel
Stuart Kerr AU
Stuart Kerr
AU Izpadel
Edward Kershaw
Edward Kershaw
Panagiotis Stylidis AU
Panagiotis Stylidis
AU Izpadel
Yin Gui Li
Yin Gui Li
Milton Trickey AU
Milton Trickey
AU Izpadel
Sean Prendiville ie
Sean Prendiville
ie Izpadel
Errol Bamford AU
Errol Bamford
AU Izpadel
Hassib Younan au
Hassib Younan
au Izpadel
David Bonadio au
David Bonadio
au Izpadel
Jakson Laughton
Jakson Laughton
Nacho Barbero ar
Nacho Barbero
ar Izpadel
Gianni Katsanakis
Gianni Katsanakis
Lior Segre au
Lior Segre
au Izpadel
Laurence Hall au
Laurence Hall
au Izpadel

Leyland in Dreamland

• Nivo 8: 400-800, 100 ante
Glenn Leyland
Glenn Leyland

It's a big day for Glenn Leyland today as the local lad plays his first ever Aussie Millions Main Event.

The Crown Poker Room have a fantastic satellite structure with three phases meaning there's a chance one can qualify for as little as AU$65, the coast of entering phase one. That's exactly what Leyland did; entered phase one, won a seat to phase two and progressed to phase three where he won his seat.

He was feeling under the weather yesterday so delayed entering until today. He'a sat at table 33 with the likes of Kane Kalas and Dani Stern. Very best of luck to you!

Oznake: Glenn Leyland

Ivey Busts a Short Stack

• Nivo 8: 400-800, 100 ante
Phil Ivey (Day 1c)
Phil Ivey (Day 1c)

Martin Stewart came back with around 10,000 chips and had less than that when he took his chance against Phil Ivey. The latter raised from the button and was priced in to call when Stewart moved all in from the small blind.

Stewart: {3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}
Ivey: {6-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}

The board ran {7-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{q-Clubs} to pair Ivey's nine.

Phil Ivey us
Phil Ivey
us 85,000 16,000
Martin Stewart
Martin Stewart

Oznake: Phil Ivey

Karawgodagedon Cracks Aces to Send Marotta Out the Door

Chad_Holloway • Nivo 8: 400-800, 100 ante

"All in and a call," has been shouted more than a dozen times in as many minutes. One of them ended up being Nino Marotta, who was at risk against Jayawardhana Karawgodagedon.

Marotta: {a-Diamonds}{a-Spades}
Karawgodagedon: {9-Diamonds}{9-Spades}

Marotta was well out in front, but the {9-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{8-Diamonds} flop put a dagger through his heart by delivering Karawgodagedon a set. Neither the {8-Hearts} turn nor {Q-Diamonds} river helped Marotta, and he became one of the many to fall here in the early goings of Day 2.

Nino Marotta au
Nino Marotta
au Izpadel

Oznake: Jayawardhana KarawgodagedonNino Marotta

Short Stacks Shoving

• Nivo 8: 400-800, 100 ante

It's always expected that at the beginning of Day 2, players come back fresh and short stacks come back with a purpose to get a stack together.

Many, "All in, call" cries can be heard from around the room. Some players are being eliminated, some are doubling up.

Percy Yung was cruising yesterday until a bad period near the end of the day saw her finish with just 5,100. She didn't manage to turn thing round today and was one of the first out.

Percy Yung
Percy Yung

Oznake: Percy Yung

Van Marcus Inducted Into the Poker Hall of Fame

Chad_Holloway • Nivo 8: 400-800, 100 ante
Van Marcus
Van Marcus

Cards are in the air here on Day 2 of the 2015 Aussie Millions Main Event.

Just prior to the start, Crown's Jim Preston and 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event champ Joe Hachem took the stage to announce this year's inductee into the Australian Poker Hall of Fame, a club that includes pros such as Gary Benson, Jeff Lisandro, and Tony G, just to name a few.

This year's nominees included Van Marcus, Joe Cabret, Michael Guttman, Tino Lechich, David Steicke, and Grant Levy, though only one would join the current roster of 14 members. The Hall of Fame Committee met days ago, and the man they chose to join their ranks was Van Marcus!

Marcus is currently ranked in 18th place on Australia's all-time money list with $1,372,294 in live tournament earnings with his biggest cash coming in the 2009 WSOP $10,000 World Championship Pot-Limit Omaha event where he finished third for $278,409. Marcus' biggest victory came in the 2008 Asia-Pacific Poker Tour Manila Main Event where he bested a field of 285 players for a PhP 8,037,000 ($164,380) payday.

Marcus, a well-known player in Australia, was meant to accept an award on stage, but when Hachem called his name Marcus was nowhere to be found. It was a bit of an uncomfortable snafu that was quickly covered up by the giving of the traditional, "Shuffle up and deal."

Oznake: Van Marcus

Slepe stave:

Welcome Back for Day 2 of the Aussie Millions Poker Championship Main Event

Ami Barer -defending champ
Ami Barer -defending champ

For many, the APPT Aussie Millions Poker Championship Main Event starts today. The day where one can look around see the winner in the room, if it's not them. The three starting flights are out of the way and, for the first time, all the remaining players are together for Day 2.

A total of 341 players from the 645 starters have made it this far but those numbers could grow as registration is open until plays kicks at 12:30PM local time. Total entrants last year totalled 668 so it's unlikely that number will be broken today, but you never know!

End of Day 1b chip leader Ian Wassell heads into today as the overall leader with 229,500. The only other player to make it past the 200k-mark was Day 1c chip leader Alex Antonios (206200). Other notable big stacks heading into today include: Dan Cates (161,100), Ai Barer (147,900) Bryan Huang (120,700), Conor Drinan (96,600), Alex Trevallian (85,500), Phil Ivey (84,600) and Dan Smith (79,000).

The plan for today is to play five 90-minute levels with a 15-minute break after each one, and no dinner break. Join us back here at 12:30PM.

Oznake: Alexander AntoniosAmi BarerBryan HuangConnor DrinanDan CatesDan SmithPhil Ivey

Day 2 Table and Seat Draw

11Rahul Rastogi102300
12Jordan Tentori23500
13Huidong Gu56200
14Jonathan Roy66100
15Benjamin Spindler59200
16Liam O'Rourke62300
17Mark Hancock67600
18Elliot Smith68300
21Michael Russell17000
22Victor Teng115000
23Andre Lettau65300
24Bobby Zhang143300
25Glen Chadwick36700
26Gerald Karlic86100
27Errol Bamford25400
28Israel Kranz33600
41Angel Guillen31100
42Christopher Andler37400
43Katie Gooden21300
44Timo Pfutzenreuter44700
45Milton Trickey20500
46James Rann36000
47Jeffrey Rossiter15100
48Stephen Quon20800
51Asa Smith38100
52Lennart Uphoff46600
53Benjamin Kean20600
54Pratyush Buddiga28700
55Glenn Pauling59600
56Luisa Helps41900
57Phares Bouya106500
58Aristomenis Stavropoulos122000
61Bill Liapis31900
62Jacob Balsiger46800
63Noah Novick58600
64Andrew Hinrichsen89000
65Slade Fisher10900
66Winfred Yu18000
67Kevin Killeen95600
68Iori Yogo77300
71Leo Nordin63100
72Amanda De Cesare28200
73Gregory Day80200
74Robert Spano20000
75Rahul Byrraju137600
76Aaron Purdue57500
77Edward Kershaw14500
78Martyn Ward46900
81Doanh Tran29400
82Hun Lee75800
83Jorn Walthaus58500
84Dory Zayneh33600
85Gregory Goldberg36300
86Panagiotis Stylidis15400
87Mikel Habb114500
88Nicholas Falcione43800
101Martin Rowe61300
102Vincent Chua48800
103Terrence Chan20000
104Andrew Chen88200
105Erdinc Ibrahim52600
106Daniel Cates168100
107Quoc Nguyen53900
108Michel Bouskila60200
111Roy Agresta26100
112Phucnam Le30400
113Carl Falk76400
114Anthony Ronalds29500
115Daniel Chevalier26800
116Jay Kinkade54500
117Eoghan O'Dea37000
118Patrick Healy45900
121Daniel Laidlaw21900
122Davor Derek40600
123Tonio Roder96900
124David Bonadio45300
125Michael Opree60400
126Matthew Rolfe68900
127Michael Watson65000
128Martin Kozlov66100
131Yew Fatt 'Raiden' Kan106400
132Hassib Younan12600
133Konstantin Fetzer114400
134Laurence Hall27700
135Maximilian Lehmanski16500
136Petros Aristidou36900
137Timothy Mitchell126800
138Kwok Sze 'Calvin Ho135200
141Kosei Ichinose48800
142David Middleton19700
143Connor Drinan96600
144Jesse Mckenzie87000
145Corey Kempson131900
146Keanu Simpson87500
147Kai Yat Fam74000
148Andrew Bassat73000
251Jason Pritchard80200
252Andrew Dales52300
253Tuy Le25000
254Michael Tran31400
255Mateusz Zbikowski30000
256Engin Gemci16300
257Alexander Lynskey55200
258Than Huynh65400
261Michael Pedley68200
262Charles Caris86200
263Jose Barbero10000
265Marko Neumann91000
266Huy Pham53300
267James Kennedy26800
268Kyle Carlston84100
271Giuliano Nobili32000
272Casey Kastle89600
273Michael Doodson34800
274Gary Laguda38400
275Lasse Frost53000
276Seonglee Ang18900
278Giuseppe Reina121900
281David Kuant Lim49400
283Michail Michelakis30700
284Bryan Huang120700
285Jason Gray29600
286Aaron Wilson81500
287Dermot Blain64000
288Jakson Laughton37800
291Nicholas Lamprianidis55500
292Rainer Kempe44300
293Michael Fraser33200
294Russell Thomas53900
295Jai Thomas47400
296Daniel Smith79000
297Gianni Katsanakis16300
298Richard Bruning48100
301Mark Dietrich41000
302Naween Fernando142600
303Stefan Huber18600
304Stuart Barron64800
305Maciej Rynkiewicz44600
306Vasilios Argyros37800
308Xuan Xuan Liu49800
311Erik Seidel41100
312Jack Salter85400
313Richard Lyndaker54900
314Robert Raymond30200
315Yin Gui Li31800
316Zdravko Duvnjak52200
317Julian Wei Lee90900
321Nino Marotta24800
322Ismael Bojang98700
323Paul Bennett36200
324Jayawardhana Karawgodagedon15200
325Makoto Yoshimichi35500
326Kitson Kho72300
327Raemin Alexander23100
328Gary Benson97600
331Sterling Savill83200
332Dominic Coombe31900
333Kane Kalas61400
334Antonino Cascio27800
336Fabio Vallelonga128000
337Lior Segre17300
338Daniel Stern32000
341Anthony Legg26900
342Oliver Gill47300
343Ermir Hidri27900
344Michael Egan42500
345Gautam Dhingra18300
346Lin Shi34400
347David Leas9900
348Stefan Grunewald30900
351Alessandro Girmenia42000
352Florian Kössler71100
353Ryan Hong26900
354Melanie Wohlers9900
355Christoph Strehl51800
356Stephen Chidwick14500
357Shyam Srinivasan8400
358Joachim Chia57100
361Steven Tabb79100
362Oluwashola Akindele69700
363Craig Ivey20900
364Louis Luo64900
365David Saghabi60000
366Marc Macdonnell32900
367Jordon Grady57100
368Antonis Kambouroglou87400
371Brian Payne84300
372Angelo Scicchitano48100
373Geoffrey Nye34100
374Shao Liu60200
375Yen Han (Pete) Chen77000
376Simon Deadman28700
377Nicolas Yunis49200
378Antonio Tartaglia34500
381Stuart Kerr49200
382Robert Edelstein15700
383Heinz Kamutzki91600
384Sean Giesbrecht27300
385Ian Bobbin55700
386Walter Treccarichi46700
387Felix Stephensen82000
388Peter Kotsiris28100
391Michael Guttmann56400
392Michael Mcdonald54800
393Mario Doria43300
394Dong Kim22300
395Riley Fuller47800
396Michael Weiss39100
397Andy Zarro38800
398Thomas Vo74700
401Sean Prendiville30500
402Ole Schemion60400
403Yevgeniy Timoshenko64800
404Paul Abela124300
405Alan Mcmaster26300
406Joshua Wilson53300
407Lee Thorns54200
408Ryan Yu43800
411Pakinai Lisawad41000
412Toan Ngoc Nguyen56800
413Tobias Schwecht52400
414Benjamin Zinner29700
415Scott Davies86500
416Mei Kat Siu42900
417Sarkiss Osalian73600
418Ana-Maria Cosma37400
421Joseph Humunicki22600
422Mario Reyes33800
423Steven Tran31200
424Peter Matusik63100
425Joakim Backlund148900
426Michael Addamo126300
427Tino Lechich30400
428David Harris78800
431Luke Spano33900
432Tyrone Liu31000
433Aditya Agarwal55300
434Zhao Feng10700
435Joel Williams47400
436Kiaus Pautrot52000
437Benjamin Savage101000
438Darren Melia101800
441Niclas Adolfsson60800
442Mikael Koistinen89500
443Thomas Peters58900
444Mustapha Kanit130900
445Steve Pappas16100
446Jing Zhu28200
447Beng Hooi Hooi Beh17400
448Louis Nyberg66200
451Wai Tung Lo94400
452Guangqi Zhang84600
453Aymon Hata24900
454Dejan Boskovic13700
455Pablo Peredo102300
456Senh Ung51200
457Nick Georgoulas16800
458David Hanlon9000
461Jonas Mackoff91700
462Terence Clee91900
463Stephen Swirgoski47800
464David Longmate105600
465Jeffrey Lisandro54700
466Dylan Wilkerson45200
467Jason Les86600
468Roberto Damelian22300
471Panayotis Flourentzou28400
472Seet Pin Tan75400
473Philip Vanyzendoorn69800
474Isaac Lau108000
475Nicholas Wright23100
476Phillip Ivey84600
477Martin Stewart10100
478Chen Zhou79500
481Ian Wassell229500
482John Dalessandri20200
483Jan Suchanek163400
484Darren Lyttle41800
485Pui 'Percy' Yung5100
486Semon Deeb28000
487Nikolaos Solomos19100
488Henry Chan18500
491Andrew Michael60200
492Dylan Honeyman143200
493Lita Hsu62400
494Grant Levy78700
495Jarred Graham93500
496Robert Salter111200
497Apoorva Goel72200
498Jackson Zheng67300
621Minh Hau Nguyen47600
622Howard Hunchak59800
623Timothy English63000
624Tony Bloom82800
625Shy Jachimowicz51900
626Alexander Antonios206200
627Dale Marsland79700
628Amichai Barer147900
631Philipp Gruissem44400
632Steven Daines19700
633Jordi Urlings147700
634David Powers59900
635Luke Brabin70500
636Joel Douaglin16000
637Benjamin Richardson60400
638Luis Chuquipiondo21000
651Wolfgang Thaler98800
652David Munday26800
653Tony Hachem73900
654Simon Mattsson31900
655Daryl Lee66800
656Brian Rast72800
657Martin Stausholm43400
658Alexander Trevallion85500
661Mateusz Moolhuizen31300
662Carter Swidler50300
663Jannis Bräuer103800
664Scott Calcagno32300
665Li Quan55400
666Joseph Hachem13400
667Luis Pampliega51100
668Don Mishra143400
671Andrew Damianou59600
672Stephen Lindeblad69000
673Patrik Antonius31000
674Kodie Drew74000
675Paul Sharbanee37800
676Scott Corey50400
677Julius Colman73500
678Jamieson Pickering26500
681John Lombardo97200
682Samuel Gorr42200
683Gabriel Paul9400
684Brayden Jinks66200
685Takuya Yamashita20400
686Stevan Chew70000
687Robert Cockerell66300
688Shivan Abdine54200
$10,600 Main Event
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